Foreclosure Tragedy Can’t Compete with Ryan Lochte

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Foreclosure Tragedy Can’t Compete with Ryan Lochte

Foreclosures are no longer fodder for major news headlines. The media intensity diminished as Americans became dulled to the stories of millions of families being kicked out of their homes by big banks and Wall Street-backed hedge funds. Instead, the media whips up a frenzy over Ryan Lochte and his pals vandalizing a bathroom in Rio de Janeiro. Yet, out of the media spotlight, our fellow Americans continue to be foreclosed out of their homes.

Kathleen Gross and her family will lose their Paradise Valley, Arizona home of twenty-five years to foreclosure next Tuesday, August 23. This will mark the end of a relentless years-long battle with a series of mortgage companies. “All of our memories are here. We raised our children in this home,” she wept. “We have been in this neighborhood for over two decades and don’t want to leave.”

The family’s trials began after the financial collapse of 2008. Kathleen and her husband owned a small business developing medical technology to improve patient education. “We were trying to make a positive contribution to the world in our business,” she explained. “It was a family owned and run business.” But, as the economy tanked, the family business foundered. “We were unable to get any expansion capital and were consequently unable to make a living.”

The decline of their livelihood led Kathleen and her husband into financial turmoil. As they fell behind on mortgage payments, the lengthy battle with lenders began. “We started getting notices about our delinquency,” said Kathleen. “We wrote back describing our circumstances and that we are trying to work through a financial difficulty. But they started saying, ‘we are coming to take your house, and we are going to foreclose.’”

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2 Responses to “Foreclosure Tragedy Can’t Compete with Ryan Lochte”
  1. mike Drouin says:

    These homeowners are doing exactly what the Banksters want everyone to do , and that is ” chase the mortgage down the rabbit hole ” The Mortgage is the fraud !!! Millions of Homeowners involved in this scheme were in another contract without knowing it , because the ” FAKE LENDERS ” went through the motions of making it look like a mortgage . Documents , Monthly statements , and payments to the ” FAKE LENDERS ” all fraud !!!! Every time you sent a payment to who you thought was your Mortgage Company , they took a FEE for servicing the money stream created by the other contract , did all the accounting fraud on the fake mortgage statement , and forwarded the rest of the money to the real contract taking place behind your back and without your permission !!! Everyone should know that it was never a Mortgage then a Securities contract !! It was securities contract from its inception which you funded with your NOTE which needed to be converted into Securities , so the notes were destroyed !!!!!!!!!!! You can’t have two forms of legal tender existing at the same time representing the same collateral / Home . When you go chasing the Note holder , you are chasing an entity that does not exist !!! The FAKE LENDERS , of your alleged Mortgage NEVER brought any Consideration to the table in breech of the fraudulent Mortgage contract !!!! Fraud in the inducement , fraudulent concealment of another contract they involved you in , and Fraud in the Factum , gives you the Congressionally protected , private right of action to rescind / cancel the bogus Mortgage contract documents . It all was a LIE !!! There are two cases in NH Federal Court that reveal exactly what I’m telling you ! The Judge is going to have to violate his oath of office to deny the evidence in these two cases !!! The truth is out and the American people need to know what really happened to cause the 08 crises !!!! It was a planned event !!!!!!!!!

    • mike Drouin says:

      An update on the cases in NH . These cases are being handled in a pro se capacity . The families are not going to hire a lawyer that can be brought into a Judges chambers and persuaded to railroad the families , as was done in my case ! The Lawyers of the Defendants are trying to trip these families up on procedure now , so the cases can be thrown out , But they are aware and prepared to deal with these tactics .
      The substance of these cases reveal the Illegal contracts that involved these homeowners , but is the evidence of what has happened to millions of homeowners across the Nation . It’s time we come together and make a push to expose the truth of just how illegal this scheme is ! The American people have been lied to about the cause of the 08 crises . It’s time to set the record strait !!! If you want to know the substance of these cases and want to help see them pushed through the Court that is desperately trying to stop them , then contact me at Thank you

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