Elizabeth Warren: The Truth is, I AM Angry. And if You Read David Dayen’s New Book, You Will be Too


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Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud by David Dayen




7 Responses to “Elizabeth Warren: The Truth is, I AM Angry. And if You Read David Dayen’s New Book, You Will be Too”
  1. Tom says:

    Hi Bruce.
    Another name to follow in these Comments is Mike Drouin. If want to get more involved in helping to expose the BS government/bankster scams, contact him through here.
    I’m sure he’d be glad to share with you what he has filed already.
    Actually I now see that he already posted a Comment on this page.
    Keep spreading the news about the fraud as much as possible.
    Help make the public become more aware of what is really happening.
    Hopefully one of these days things will get forced to change once there are more people involved in fighting it.
    Keep in touch!

  2. mike Drouin says:

    I liked it better when I was living in ignorance and thinking working hard , investing my financial energy into my home was a smart thing to do …. You know what they say , ” ignorance is bliss ” Then the 08 crises came along and slapped me in the face and woke me up to the reality that our Country’s Financial system is operated by a hoard of criminal economic whores protected by Political lying Hypocrites who aid and abet their criminal schemes to confiscate the wealth off of the Private sector !!! Things are going to continue to deteriorate unless we stand up as a people and do something about it , and I don’t just mean at the ballot box !!!! Our rights are being violated on a major scale from every source of power created to protect them !?!? that is systemic failure and TYRANNY !

    • Tom says:

      Hi Mike,
      The sad thing about the voting ballot boxes is that they are all rigged. They already proved that many years ago.Those are put in place to make people think they have a choice, but realistically, the next elected officials are already appointed.
      I guess it makes for good TV now, and brings in a lot of advertising revenue.
      Systemic Failure, Tyranny, Treason, Domestic Terrorism, Violations of Oaths of Office!
      And a political system that backs them 100%!
      As long as they are all getting their palms greased, the fraud will continue.
      That’s why the Judge in my case retired a year later after my fraudclosure was finished.
      I’m sure that he made a ton of money in kickbacks and got out before any investigations started.
      What other reason would a Court Recorder have by providing the people in that courtroom with documents that proved the fraud, where basically every case was won by the banks through that corrupt court?
      Like I said before, this Fall is going to be very interesting with this upcoming election.
      The POWER OF THE DOLLAR in action!!!

  3. Hammertime says:

    Most of these judges who ignore the law probably appointed by Republicans. Democrats like Warren talk big but we don’t hold them to their words.

  4. Bruce R Nelson says:

    If I were one of these criminal mortgage service frauds and I had Senator Warren on my ass and if I were Fatass William Embry, former Ocwen chief crook I’d be hightailing it to Malta also. I have had $340K equity stolen from me by Ocwen/Hsbc/AHMSI with the assistance of Federal Court Judge Anna Brown (Portland, OR) who ignored TILA requiring proof of standing and dismissing me, pro se, with prejudice. I am a 77 yr old disabled vet and to this day I am fighting with Ocwen Ombudsman Dan Britton who absolutely refuses to produce TILA based proof of standing. No NOTE, No standing. No Mortgage, No standing. Thats the law. I know Ocwen has no intention of returning my Salem, OR home (they “sold” it with no legal right to do so. Nor the $340K equity that Judge Brown “gave: them.

    I have a copy of Dayens great book. I support Senator Warrens suoort of that work. My enemies are referenced in that book!

    • Tom says:

      I was in the same situation with the Judge working with the banksters and lawyers to steal my home.
      I’m also disabled and I guess that makes us easier targets.
      The fraudclosure was so criminal where we had the Court Recorder supplying people with documents that we weren’t supposed to see that proved the fraud and theft. He was sick and tired of seeing his neighbors getting thrown out of their homes too, and wanted it stopped.
      Of course nothing was done to stop it!
      Even if you get into a better financial position to bring your account current, or try to pay it off in full, they won’t accept payment and they will force the foreclosure.
      Especially if you were required (forced) to carry the PMI/MIP insurance scam.
      They made more money by forcing those foreclosures to collect the 80% payout from the insurance and then auctioned the properties off afterwards for more profit.
      The borrowers were forced to carry that PMI/MIP, pay the premiums for that scam insurance, where the banksters and lawyers would do anything to create defaults on those loans to collect on that scam insurance.
      If the homeowners were allowed to collect on that insurance instead and use it in an emergency to make payments on their loans, none of this would be happening.
      The force placed PMI/MIP is one of the big motivating factors for the theft and fraud.
      You can gather all the evidence you want, such as document tampering, failing to notify people about upcoming court dates, failing to provide documents and then adding them to the files after the fraudclosure is completed (Which is a Class 4 Felony), blocking offers made from the bank, believing that a modification would help (that was just a delay tactic until they could fit people into the court foreclosure schedules), changing locks on your home WITHOUT A COURT ORDER and stealing thousands in personal property, denying to accept payment, and continually stating that your bank sold the loan where they even said that they didn’t know who owned it, then finding out later after the foreclosure was completed that all the documents went back to the bank that they repeatedly stated no longer owned the loan, and even having the judge call you from his cell phone wondering why people were filing complaints about him.
      All of those acts are supposed to be illegal, but since they are all above the laws, they can do whatever they want. TOTAL AB– USE OF POWER AND VIOLATIONS OF THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE!!!
      And because I was discovering their scams, they offered me an “In Rem” foreclosure that was against the property only and NOT me personally. That wiped out the deficiency they originally wanted on top of the other fraud and theft they committed, and the foreclosure never appeared on my credit report. Actually it almost shows as never happening. But there was no way they were going to allow me to keep my home. It’s all about the MONEY and they don’t care how many families they destroy in the process to get it. PURE GREED!!! MONEY ADDICTED MONEY WHORES!!!
      Is “In Rem” just another new phrase that they came up with to cover their fraud and theft?
      You can file complaints with all the so-called law enforcement agencies, but don’t expect to have them do anything either.
      Once anyone gets targeted for the fraudclosure scams, they might as well plan on
      moving, and do whatever they can to lessen the damages caused by the massive foreclosure fraud, because they won’t win.
      I also understand that they have now streamlined the process to get homeowners out of their homes within six months or less.
      With all the blogs out on the internet now, with a lot of people sharing their stories about the massive foreclosure fraud, and still nothing being done to stop it, that basically says that the corruption wins.
      The corruption is so widespread where other people have been finding that the foreclosures were brought on by the fraud before that fraud.
      Think about that for a while. Once it sits in, you’ll see the whole picture!
      Most of the mortgages they say now were void to begin with. Once you investigate that part of it, you will become more aware of this huge scam committed against the American public. Some people are saying it is now the largest financial scam in US history.
      Some people are also saying that with what they have discovered that it is now a form of Domestic Terrorism.
      Will anything be done to stop it? Probably not, since the level of corruption is so high!

      That equity is supposed to be yours!
      I think you should demand that $340k in equity!
      (Or is that further proof that the loans were void to begin with and we were all paying into something that never existed, and therefore there is no equity? The fraud before the foreclosure fraud?)

      • Bruce R Nelson says:

        Tom, how cool of you to respond to my situation as you have. In fact, even at my age and VA disability and low incom I have not given up. First I fgiled with CFPB when Cordrey signed on as Directer. I made a proper app as CFPD required to qualify in the 2 billion $ Ocwen Ombudsman penalty. From the begining Ocwen commenced to tap dance on my head denying I had any “authority” therefore no eligible. I hounded CFPD and at first they did intervene. Eventually Ocwen disengaged dialog. I still hamered at CFPB. Eventually after I relocated my brains after my auto accident in Salem and recouped in North Carolina c/o my older brother I sent yet another e mail to CFPB chastising them for failure to “police” Ocwen. One week later March 1st of this year I received my first ever communication from MariaEsquval, Ombudsman at Ocwen Cleawater offices. She apologized for the (1+) year delay and said she would be back to me end of march. But one week later she sent another letter advising my records we misplaced/lost. She wanted me to refile! I refused to do that. At some point after end of March I get a letter from a jackass named “Dan Britton” saying he was senior ocwen analyst and that I would hear from him at some point in April. Hew did write again advising that he “found” my r ecords. So from May, Jume, July and August Britton commenced to tap dance on me again. Fed up I wrote making and offer after he mailed me a pound of stuff representing my “records”. Now more fed up I sent Dan the Man Britton a mitigation settlement offer. Since Federal Law TILA makes it clear the if an entity represents they have an “interest” in a property there is ONLY one way they can prevail. That is, as I am sure you know, the entity MUST provide proof of standing. There is ONLY one legal way anyone can prove standing and that is, as you know, the entity MUST provide the original note AND the original mortgage. Originals, not copies or forgeries.

        I offered to meet Dan at his office in Clearwater (where all Ocwens letters I have received came from) I avised that if he produced the original note and mortgag and my documnteaminer verified authenticity then I would shake his hand and never “bother” Ocwen again. However if they proffered no proof they MUST return my $340k equity.
        This went over like 2 pics having sex in a barrel of excrement. They have not responded unti 2 weeks ago and that when I learned th lying pig did NOT have officeds in Clearwaterr. He said in a letter that he would not be able to meet with me in Florida because his office was /is in Iowa! I have since told him no problem. I can get to Iowa assuming he is prepared to perform in good faith. Yesterday he sent me another Ocwen letterhear representing it was generated in Clearwater. Now he is writing he may be back in touch by mid September. And the tap dance goes on

        Here is the catch, I have known, for a fact that AHMSI (bought out by Ocwen in 2011)
        on approx 12/23/09 admitted in Polk County Circuit Court, Oregon (where I sued AHMSI pro se for failing to answer my QWRs and lying over and over (I had proof) the entire year of 2009. Juge Horner asked AHMSIs attorney “Do you have the note?” AGMSI atttorney answered :No your honor, I do not”. Horner ended the hearing and awarded my home, encumbrance free, to be titled in my name as legal owner of 580 Riverview Dr NW, Salem, OR.

        So Ocwen does not habe the note nor the mortgage or I would have let go of this in 2014. nstead I opted to play my cards with CFPB. I have informed them of most all this recent stuff. They have not commented yet, maybe they never will.

        Thanks Tom for bending your “ear”

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