Mortgage Defects Are Skyrocketing: New ARMCO Report Shows Critical Defect Rate Rising


Mortgage Defects Are Skyrocketing: New ARMCO Report Shows Critical Defect Rate Rising

Via Housingwire

As the mortgage industry approaches the one-year anniversary of the October 2015 implementation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, there is little doubt that the impact is still being felt.

Early reaction from the CFPB suggested that the industry’s reaction to TRID was akin to the unfounded panic that surrounded Y2K, while other reports demonstrated the impact of TRID on home sales, mortgage closing times, and on borrowers themselves.

That report, from Moody’s, showed that TRID compliance violations were found in more than 90% of the loans reviewed by several third-party firms after TRID’s implementation.

It should be noted that most of the errors identified in the Moody’s report were merely “technical” in nature, and not serious.

Right, technical defects. Now, where have I heard that before…

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4 Responses to “Mortgage Defects Are Skyrocketing: New ARMCO Report Shows Critical Defect Rate Rising”
  1. mike Drouin says:

    I remember back in 2011 , I got my hands on a Congressional Report that came out in November of 2010 Which dealt with the Crises/scam in full swing at that time . they termed the ” defects ” as Irregularities in the report !? The use of these words minimizes the impact of what was and is really taking place in the Mortgage industry and continuing today . The Fraud that was taking place after the scam was coming to an end was a result of the Mortgages themselves being void of any legal status !!!! Let that sink in for a minute …… Tens of millions of mortgages were void of any legal status even though there is Monthly statements as evidence ! It’s all accounting Fraud !!!!! The purpose of scheme by these predatory bastards was to never enter into a Mortgage contract with anyone , but to deceive you into believing you were in a Mortgage while involving you in a securities contract behind your back and without your permission !!! America has been lied to !

  2. Kevin says:

    So true. I live in Florida. If you are the bank and have lots of money you can pay of the Supreme Court. Very sad.

  3. Julia Young says:

    Mortgage defects were always there!!
    Banks, lenders enjoyed their heyday of illegal, faulty transactions and still do in non-judicial states! . Via MERS and courts that rubber stamp foreclosures, based on borrower default, homes are seized, resold, title automatically cleared and a new special warranty deed issued. Viola’, equity, improvements, additions, costs, all GONE leaving homeowners nothing but a potential tax burden, ruined credit and enormous emotional and financial loss. Banks buy the property at foreclosure to protect their lien, hand it to a REO agent, paying for a quick sale at a net loss, pennies on the dollar, adding up ‘insured’ losses in many cases.

    Stealing real estate is a slam dunk! UNLESS a homeowner is savvy enough to recognize errors in his documentation or retain legal assistance experienced in that type of law, he or she is out of luck. In non-judicial states, and most are except a few like Florida, the homeowner can’t stop foreclosure proceedings of his Trustee Deed’s automatic foreclosure because he signed away those rights at closing. He had no other options to secure a loan for his dream home. Homeowners retain only an interest in their real estate, even though recorded in their names. Their rights transfer to a Trustee or third party, who forecloses on the original note. Borrowers have NOTHING to say about the sale unless they have the money to hire help, elect bankruptcy or MAYBE work out a payment plan or go through bankruptcy court. Servicers and lenders are not receptive to modifications and will proceed with foreclosure action!
    Obama,when he ran for election touted reform to allow bankruptcy courts to have broader authority to modify predatory loans. This did NOT happen! After the election those he selected to implement plans had their own special interest history and intent. What we got was an ‘in name only’ government modification model that was essentially worthless!

    Has anything changed? Has banking reformed? Did anyone go to jail? Just a little ‘MO Money’ was thrown in the ‘guv-ment’ till. Home borrowers- YOU LOSE!

    • mros56 says:

      Most of these defects are strictly a formatting thing. The new Closing Disclosure was not designed to reform foreclosure practices or make it easier for borrowers to modify loans to stay in their homes. The CD is designed so that a borrower is provided with a plain statement of each and every closing fee, their full APR (Not just their rate), their exact payments, notification of prepayment penalties, and letting the borrower know if their protected from liability in the case of a short sale or foreclosure. Being in the business I’m well aware of the sort of small mistakes frequently happening. I will say that all borrowers do themselves a service by keeping all Loan Estimates (disclosures provided through the application and underwriting process) and the Closing Disclosure (provided 3 days before closing). Question any and all changes between those documents, don’t be afraid to be that hard ass.

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