Elizabeth Warren Asks Newly-Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didn’t Prosecute Banksters


Elizabeth Warren Asks Newly-Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didn’t Prosecute Banksters

Like a lot of other Americans, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to know why the Department of Justice hasn’t criminally prosecuted any of the major players responsible for the 2008 financial crisis.

On Thursday, Warren released two highly provocative letters demanding some explanations. One is to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, requesting a review of how federal law enforcement managed to whiff on all 11 substantive criminal referrals submitted by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC), a panel set up to examine the causes of the 2008 meltdown.

The other is to FBI Director James Comey, asking him to release all FBI investigations and deliberations related to those referrals. The FBI typically doesn’t release investigative details about cases that DOJ chooses not to pursue, but Warren pointed out that in releasing information about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server in July, he had pretty much shattered that precedent, and set a new one.

“You explained these actions by noting your view that ‘the American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest,’” Warren wrote to Comey. “If Secretary Clinton’s email server was of sufficient ‘interest’ to establish a new FBI standard of transparency, then surely the criminal prosecution of those responsible for the 2008 financial crisis should be subject to the same level of transparency.”

In other words, if Comey can spend hours relating FBI decision-making about State Department emails, he can do the same for the activity that made millions jobless and homeless.

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  1. Terance Haly says:

    When the Judiciary began enacting laws pursuant to their authority to address the administration and business of the courts, it was conditional. The rules enacted by the Judiciary could not abridge or affect the constitutional rights of litigants.

    PROBLEM: Once the Courts improperly enacted an unconstitutional law, There was a conflict of interest which prevented the Courts from reviewing the constitutionality of their law.

    The Legislature had no precedent for reviewing constitutionality, NOR did the Governor.

    The Legislature COULD suspend any law.

    The Governor COULD call to assemble the Legislature to suspend the law.

    PROBLEM: Another improperly enacted and unconstitutional law enacted by the Judiciary. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information. Rule 1.6 is an aggressively enforced mandate of confidentiality and non-disclosure. It is a core part of the Rules of Professional Conduct required of lawyers and legal professionals.

    Lawyers cannot expose the unconstitutional law/quagmire where it will adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.

    Lawyers are also permitted to conceal the problem through FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE and FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION. The fraud provisions were removed from the Rules Of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association.

    When the Legislature seeks advice from their lawyers, they may be misinformed and misdirected. That FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE / FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION is held confidential.

    When the Governor seeks advice from his General Counsel, the Governor may be misinformed and misdirected. That FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE / FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION is held confidential.

    An unconstitutional Confidentiality law mandates which that fraud be concealed also conceals that there is no process for the review of unconstitutional law enacted by the judiciary.

    The Judiciary is not authorized to promulgate any unconstitutional law.

    BUT, WHEN THEY DO ( AND THEY DID ) Lawyers and legal professionals can prevent the issue from judicial review.

    The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was filed in August 2013 and served to the state Attorneys General. The state Attorneys General defaulted. EVERY STATE DEFAULTED. As such Rule 1.6 should have been declared unconstitutional.

    But, one attorney filed an unexcused late response, this provided the lawyers in the clerks office to fabricate and misrepresent the facts of the case which prevented the case from going before any judge.

    The clerks (lawyers) also deliberately neglected to certify the constitutional question to each state Supreme Court. Certification simply asks each Court to indicate if the law is constitutional, or not. The deliberate negligence to seek the response of the Court avoided each state Supreme Court from any review of the law, and any adverse affect to their integrity.

    Upon improper dismissal, the Appeal to the Third Circuit raised the procedural negligence in the lower court and addressed the misinformation in the lower court’s dismissal. Clerks (lawyers) in the Third Circuit prevented the appeal from review by the court.

    While it is the professional responsibility for lawyers to promote and pursue justice, in accordance with the Rule of Law enacted by the Legislature, and the state and federal constitutions, the lawyers have chosen to undermine the constitutional rights of litigants nationwide… AND to hold the judiciary hostage to their fraudulent actions which must be held confidential pursuant to an unconstitutional law.

    The proper thing to do is for the lawyers to recognize the constitutional crisis and remain silent and inactive.
    Allowing the Legislature to suspend the improper law will permit discussion of the affect on the Constitutional Rights of Americans.

    Every American can be subjected to denial of any protection of the law and the denial of their constitutional rights – while explanations for those unjust and corrupt actions are not disclosed, are fraudulent or are held completely confidential.

    Justice is coming. It is inevitable.
    Until then, the lawyers continue to undermine the state and federal judiciary. The lawyers usurp the Constitutional Rights of EVERY American. AND THEY GET PAID.

    (Not every lawyer is aware of what occurred, their training has blinded them to believe that Rule 1.6 is Attorney Client Privilege. Rule 1.6 is incorporated into most every aspect of the Rules of Professional Conduct by cross reference. Rule 1.6 is the needle in the haystack of American Injustice.)

    The American Bar Association has committed a deliberate act of treason in their efforts to undermine the state and federal judiciary. CLEARLY, it is not in their interests to expose their treason, or how it has profited their membership.

  2. mike Drouin says:

    With the recent exposure of the Wells Fargo credit card scam ,it reveals how the Government and financial sector fleece the people’s wealth through an organized crime dynamic . in this case , billions were made , and a very small percentage fine was imposed in which the Government received the majority of the penalty money and the people who were scammed received a whole twenty-five dollars per person ! All this with the blame being laid at the feet of Terminated employees !?!?!? Welcome to financial America 2016 !! IN LIKE MANNER…… What happened in the Mortgage industry , has the same dynamic . All the Mortgages involved in the 08 crises , are FAKE Mortgages !!! It was all accounting fraud !!! Your monthly payments were sent to an entity that ” cloaked ” the real contract taking place behind your back and without your permission . Your alleged Mortgage company ” serviced ” the money streams created by that other contract between you and the defrauded investors who funded the hidden contract . Trillions were made and sent to off-shore accounts ! A small fine was imposed in which the Government received the Majority of that penalty money , and the blame was laid at the feet of the Homeowner ….. SEE the pattern ???? The Mortgages are the fraud !!!!!

  3. Bruce R Nelson says:

    Senator Warren is spot on with he grievances regarding DOJ abject failure to prosecute and imprison all of those banks that aided and abetted to financial and emotional destruction of millions of not so wealthy homeowners. Pres Obama appt Richard Cordrey as Director of Consumer Finance protection Bureau. Cordreys knowledge and hands on early approach was originally well received by those of us floating about in ” A Ship or Fools”. Cfpb conned some of us, perhaps all of us, none the least of whom is me. Ocwen “stole” my $340K equity whith the ASSISTANCE of a Portland Oregon Federal Court Judge, Anna Brown. By all evidence available to me she refused me my Constitutional right to face my adversaries (HSBC/OCWEN/AHMSI) in her court. I was PRO SE , metinks Brown has low regards to poor litigants, it would seem as she dissmissed me with PREJUDICE never allowing me in her court and in so doing and with total disregard of the Federal Law she swore under oath to uphold (Truth in Lending Act 1968) Brown GAVE my home to several allegedly criminal banks (HSBC under investigation by FBI for “LAUNDERING S AMERICAN DRUG CARTEL PROFITS” (google it), and OCWEN FINANCIAL, then under investigation for morrtgage service loan fraud (which now Ocwens former CEO, William Embey jumped ship and trired to get the Government of Malta to make him a citizen so he could evade SEC/FTC criminal prosecution (google it) and AHMSI, aka American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc, owned by Wilbur Ross(a Trump style thug) who milked Option One, AHM and his own cash cow AHMSI then conned Ocwen to buy AHMSI.

    I know, it makes my guts and head spin like a turd in a punch bowl.

    In the early days of CFPB it “appeared” that some of us stuck in the Ocwen toilet bowl may get some recovery from the 2 BILLION “recovery penalty…but lo and behold, OCWEN conned Cordrey big time as the alleged criminal Embey, CEO managed to get CFPB to allow Ocwen to be the OMBUDSMAN. Slick move in the Ocwen shell game. Ocwen gets to be the wolves which get to eat the lambs being fedt to them by CFPB. I am an old phart now, wasted the yrs since 2009 with not a red cent to show for my suffering. I am in an ongoing month by month battle with one of Embeys “aiders and abbetors (Dan Britton, Ocwen Ombudsman “analyst, based in IOWA doing the dirty work for his employer, Ocwen. He conned me to belive he was officed in Florida as I made an offer he most certainly would refuse…simple. I offered to forever abandon my legitimate complaint, “Show me the oridinal NOTE and Original Mortgage and I will come to Florida with a mortgage document examiner (he let me believe he was in Florida per his Ocwen letterhead all the while he was hiding in Iowa (go ahead Britton, sue me for libel, I dare you!). But he nixed that plan for “show me the Note and if he does not
    have it, the original note, then hand me a cashiers check for my money Ocwen owes me. Prove Ocwen has legal Proof of Standing or A0 return my home or return my $340K equity.

    Well I knew one thing for sure, and that is the stane cold fact Ocwem who bought AHMSI cold not possibly have proof of standing, because in late December of 2009 AHMSI asked for a hearing by Judge Horner, Polk County Circuit Ct judge (Oregon) gave Teresa Shill, Att for AHMSI her opportunity to prove standing in the hearing she bargained for with Judge Horner and she BLEW it when as she completed her 45 minut diatribe, Judge Horner asked her if she had the “NOTE” (proof of standing under TILA) and she replied “No your honor, I do not” With than the judge dismissed AHMSI for lack of Standing” and awared clear title to my home to me, encumbrace free. It was so recorded and stood that way untill over a year later thr viperess Shill conned , maybe corrupted a Federal Court judge to overturn Judge Horners ruling and gave my home to several corrupt entities..

    Now I am 77, disabled vet. My life ( as so very many others were also) by Ocwen, whose employees knew exactly what they were doing to disabled, low income people, and I allege that perhaps most of those Ocwen Employees are aiders and abbettors in an operation they kenew was a fraud scam to ccheat the unwitting fools on that “ship”. Most of us will pass away not ever having justice seerved upon their predators. But I will fight them none the less, untill I die for they destroyed my old age life and health. I will loose, but that matters not. I have already lost with nothing more to loose.

    May God find His way to bless America as He had for many years in the past.

  4. JoAnn Kennedy
    Sep. 15 2016, 10:58 a.m.
    God only knows, I know I called the FBI enough times and a host of other people

    FBI 215-418-4000 and the Fort Washington FBI 215-641-8910
    Susan at Toomey’s office
    Nancy at the OCC 5/21/2013 1800613-6743
    called Fannie Mae about my ghost decoy assignment with fake address and husband’s signature on April 13 a month after I was removed from my home w/o paperwork talked to Micheele ID 852 and Cheryl ID 846
    filed a FTC complaint ref number 45741228
    called Nancy Mack at Fannie Mae Legal 972-773-7963 or 7968 doesn’t make a difference she doesn’t know anything 6-21-13
    Maria and Owen the regulator at Fhfa 202-649-3811
    Victor Concelli 202-730-7436
    Steve Phillips
    Mike Powers, OmniBudsman 202-649-3010
    I even filed a FOIA request with Stacy Easter

    Rene Febles FHFA OIG 202-730-4926

    talked to Karen Brisco at the FHFA.OIG 202-730-4919 sent her all documents pertaining to Wells Fargo to oigdutyagent@fhfraoig.gov
    Talked to Bob Morgan and Tammy Aita at Congressman Matt Cartwright’s office
    Talked to Rebecca at intake at the OIG 202-730-0880
    Talked to Emerzian Deputy Director Inspector General in July and he sent a letter saying they were looking into it — and that was it case number Z-12-0625

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