Watch: Working the Lobby at Wells Fargo

Working the Lobby at Wells Fargo

A series of cutting animated videos blasting Wells Fargo’s sales incentives are getting a new life online in the wake of the bank settling federal regulatory probes that found its employees created more than 2 million bogus accounts — slamming customers with $2.6 million in fees — in order to meet branch quotas.

Stumpf, after the settlement, blamed the problem on employees and said there was no incentive to do wrong. But the series of at least 12 videos, most posted in 2011, when regulators said the account scam started, seem to put the lie to Stumpf’s comments.

Branch manager, district managers and their bosses were clearly aware of the improper sales practices, the videos content.


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  1. bgreen50 says:

    I would think after what has been done to millions of Homeowners across the nation that Wells Fraudgo deceived that the employees should all be interviewed and taken very seriously. Wells Fargo/JP Morgan have destroyed their customers lives as well as the made up customers.
    When will all of the defrauded people who have lost their homes to this money game they played.
    The shame here is WHY hasnt anything been done to help American Homeowners foreclosed and pending foreclosure. We have lived a decade of extreme stresz and yet it continues.

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