55,000: Florida Ranks #1 for Most Completed Foreclosures, Year Over Year

Number 1

Here’s where Florida ranks for most completed foreclosures, year over year

Florida ranked the highest in the nation for number of completed foreclosures between August 2015 and the same month this year, according to CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX).

During that time, the Sunshine State had 55,000 completed foreclosures, ranking it No. 1 in the U.S., ahead of:

  • Texas (27,000)
  • Ohio (23,000)
  • California (22,000)
  • Georgia (21,000)

These five states account for about 35 percent of completed foreclosures nationally.

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One Response to “55,000: Florida Ranks #1 for Most Completed Foreclosures, Year Over Year”
  1. stephanie zorie says:

    When the likes as the HONORABLE JUDGE DAVIS of the Brevard County Foreclosure Court states that she is “Wiping her docket clean of all 1998 Foreclosure cases ” irregardless of multiple pending motions and long over due discovery owed to the Defendant..it isn’t about Justice, the law, the facts..it is truly..wiping the docket clean…
    On one occasion The Honorable….refused to delay a sale for 30 days despite the banks lawyers agreeing to same, in my circumstances she proceeded with trial when she knew I was out of state due to medical reasons..she also demanded my medical records be provided to her and the banks lawyers (who advised they had no interest in seeing my medical records), She gave me 2 working days to supply records from 4 separate medical institutions…. she received a letter from one of my drs (it was all I could get in 2 days) and proceeded to trial without me….She has no business being on the bench…..however, this , in part, explains how so many foreclosure cases are processed in Florida each year

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