‘Tase His Ass!’: Furious Judge Throws Off Robe, Tackles Defendant

“Obsessed for reasons she did not know, he was a high school classmate of the woman, and sent her 22 Facebook messages after McBain signed the order in August 2015 and before the December hearing.”


Aggravated judge tosses off robe, joins courtroom scuffle

JACKSON, MI – Clearly growing agitated, Jackson County Circuit Judge John McBain threw off his robe and helped tackle to the ground a defiant man during a hearing on a personal protection order violation.

“Tase his ass right now,” the judge shouted as he rushed toward Jacob Larson, who had been talking back to the judge and blamed his alleged stalking behavior on the woman he was pursuing.

McBain had ordered the man to spend three days in jail, a period that quickly jumped to 93 days as Larson continued to aggravate the judge during the December hearing.

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  1. Bobbi Swann says:

    Why can’t the Judges in foreclosure court cases do the same thing when these lenders are violating the rules of law? Guess, like Hillary, they have no accountability whatsoever for the law.

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