Deutsche Bank Considers 10,000 More Job Cuts on Top of 9,000 Announced Last Year


Exclusive: Deutsche Bank considers thousands more job cuts – source

Deutsche Bank’s finance chief told staff representatives last month that job cuts at the bank could be double that planned, a step that could remove 10,000 further employees, a person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Although no such decision has yet been taken, Marcus Schenck’s remarks, at an internal meeting, signal the lender is considering further significant cost cuts, as it faces a multi-billion-euro fine and a crisis of confidence among investors.

“Schenck said that the bank would need to cut another 10,000 staff to bring down costs,” said a person who attended the meeting with the chief financial officer, asking not to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Deutsche Bank declined to comment.

Such cuts, if agreed, would likely take many years but setting such a goal could reassure investors that the bank is determined to tackle costs that sources said the European Central Bank sees as bloated.

If 10,000 job losses were ultimately to follow the 9,000 announced by management in October 2015, roughly one in five of the bank’s workforce around the globe would be affected

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  1. Cyndi says:

    And the corporate raiders alive and well will proceed to prop up ceo puppets and we’ll paid lobbies, usually senators or others like generals no one would reelect to exclaim :You can’t cancel our license for fraud and grand theft and embezzlement and laundering because if you do you will cost America tens of thousands of jobs!!! You’ll be directly responsible for destroying our delicate economy and bring back the great depression! !! ……Then after all fake punishments are distributed and signed in blood money…….they lay off tens of thousands without a whisper. Costs very little money to void a license…..unless some of that money is finding it’s way to you!

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