Couple Loses Foreclosure Battle Never Missing a Single Payment

Action 9: Couple loses foreclosure battle

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – An Apopka couple is being kicked out of their home after losing an eight-year foreclosure battle in court. The couple’s own records show they never missed making a mortgage payment, but their lender had a different set of books that showed otherwise.

Action 9’s Todd Ulrich investigated how this happened, and why it should alarm anyone who thinks his mortgage company made a mistake.

The Mannino’s have been packing all their belongings at the house in Apopka since losing the foreclosure fight. Mike Mannino said his American dream of home ownership just died.


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  1. Tom says:

    It’s not much different than what I went through when I tried to payoff my mortgage in full. They wouldn’t accept the payment because the banksters made more money from the PMI/MIP force placed insurance scam, so there was no way they were going to allow me to keep the home.
    It was so corrupt that the forced foreclosure doesn’t even show as ever happening!
    They listed it as an “IN REM” foreclosure, against the property only and not me personally. Nothing more than a designed scheme to financially rape millions of American’s, and not a damn thing done to stop it!

    You could compare it to a bunch of street thugs going out and buying nice suits, getting fake law degrees, dress one thug up as a judge, rent out a courtroom, and you’re in business to steal as much as you want.
    And on top of cooking their books, they then hire a company to print up and forge a ton of fake documents to help in the theft makes it even easier to pull off.

    Also if they fail, they can always go back to the FED for another bailout to keep them going long enough to create the next financial scam they can pull off on their customers.

    The foreclosure scam was a manufactured scam from the start which included a bunch of high level politician’s.
    Paying those so-called fines to make it look like the banks are getting hit with severe penalties is just another way to kickback some of the profits to the other people involved in the scam.
    That’s why no one goes to jail!

    If people think they are going to receive any justice in court, forget about it!
    The corrupt courts are in on it too!
    Once you are targeted for the forced fraudclosure, you will lose!

    Mike is right about things only getting worse as more and more people are waking up.
    Just wait until the elections, or should I say appointments, are over.
    Things are really going to get nasty!

  2. Talk about horrifying… We’ve been successful in a few of these cases but they take a tremendous amount of work. The key is to set up depositions of record custodians for the banks which handle our clients’ checking accounts. Pursuant to subpoena and clearing other evidentiary hurdles, we obtain our clients’ checking account statements and cancelled checks in a form which is admissible in to evidence at trial. We then make a chart to show all the payments which are reflected in the clients’ checking account versus what the servicer shows in the pay history. Invariably, we find that the servicers begin to misapply payments for one reason or another. Force placing insurance, even though the client already has adequate insurance, is the most common. (And of course, the forced place company is financially connected to the servicer and the FPI premium is around 17 – 21 times the FMV of the premium the client already has in place.) We’ve seen servicers either negligently or intentionally manufacture defaults. Then, they start refusing to accept payments and the snowball begins to roll from there.

    In addition to the evidentiary issues, how you plead this in your answer and present this at trial are critical!

  3. mike Drouin says:

    Our Politicians still have the majority of people duped into thinking we live in a Democracy when the evidence shows we are a Banana Republic !!!! These lying bastards play it coy when they only target a certain percentage of the population at a time and protect the lucrative schemes from being exposed by acting in collusion . It’s obvious to the victims that a double standard exist , but to those who it did not happen to could not fathom the degree of corruption taking place in order to pull off the theft of the American Dream from millions of American people . No way could the Government of the US be aiding and abetting this , so they think , but that is exactly what is happening !!!! Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they could ever get better !!!

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