Robert Scheer and David Dayen Uncover Untold Stories of the Mortgage Crisis


Robert Scheer and David Dayen Uncover Untold Stories of the Mortgage Crisis

In this week’s episode of “Scheer Intelligence,” Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer speaks with David Dayen, author of the book “Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud.”

Dayen and Scheer discuss the federal government’s failure to respond to millions of people who suffered from the mortgage fallout from the 2008 bank crisis. Dayen tells Scheer that anger over foreclosures has fueled this year’s bitter and unusual presidential race. The two also discuss why, despite the best efforts of the book’s subjects, little has been done to mitigate homeowners’ losses.


3 Responses to “Robert Scheer and David Dayen Uncover Untold Stories of the Mortgage Crisis”
  1. Karma Dorje says:

    I have been working with Tom Ice’s firm over the past few months but have defended my property pro se for more than 6 years now.

    All of the 2016 motions to dismiss although they were all completely justified, were just BLOWN OFF by the judge.
    In addition to all the chain of title defenses, this is a simple case of the 5 year Florida statute of limitations. In 2009 the first servicer (Aurora Loan Services, with no cause, never a late payment, tripled my mortgage payment) The first foreclosure action was in 1/2010, dismissed in 2012. The current foreclosure action was brought in 3/2016. This bank IS CLEARLY ABOVE THE LAW, just to be able to bring this case into a courtroom.

    I asked for a quote for one of Tom’s Ice’s attorney to appear for 1 day, at the final hearing in this case but the $5,000 retainer, and is a HUGE problem because the servicers and plaintiffs attorneys have been complicit in a repeated pattern of malice and unclean hands by:
    • Killing my credit since 2010 – as a 6 figure DOD and banking IT consultant, there is no work for someone with a 550 score. PS – I was number one in 3 interviews in the last 90 days with VYSTAR, Price Waterhouse Tampa, and Home Depot Boca positions. In each case the HR execs killed my candidacy over a falsely reported credit..

    • NationStar (claiming my property 2012 and NEVER answering my 2012 QWR) verbally told 2 of my renters that the home was in foreclosure, when in fact it was not at that time. They continue to harass the current renter and his two young daughters by filing a default against him personally & repeated violations of malicious trespass on posted property.
    • Finally I have a smoking gun, where the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, hired a 3rd party debt collection firm, masquerading as a mediation group who has been dunning my relatives and contacting me by email. This is in flagrant disregard to my rights of no direct contact (contact attorney only) established in my 2012 QWR filed by my attorney.
    • The mediation company contacted my X-wife (another FDCPA violation) and conned her (she is only lived in the US for 15 years) to attend a mediation hearing with huge financial promises in exchange for her coached testimony against my case.
    • So I have contacted the CFPB to ask for help with the bank and NationStar. In their reply, It is clear that the servicer admits that they received my QWR, but has not replied to it, to this day. The servicer is complicit in instructing their attorneys in this foreclosure case to hire outside collection agencies to contact me directly.

    • So I sent the evidence to the CFPB and the Florida Bar about the smoking gun actions of the attorneys, again with no results

    At the last hearing, I told the judge and attorney for the bank, that there was NO POSSIBILITY of mediation, as the damages in this fraudclosure has cost me 5 times the original worth of the property. $800,000. So it looks like I will sit in the final hearing (Nov 10) PRO SE again, and don’t really expect anything short of a gross miscarriage of justice.

    When they do come to take possession, I hope they call the morgue for me. No one else seems to care. Does anyone realize what happens to a man that has watched a lifetime of work decimated in a few years and now has absolutely nothing else to loose?

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