CFPB Puts 44 Mortgage Lenders and Brokers on Notice That They May Be Required to Report Mortgage Data


CFPB Puts 44 Mortgage Lenders and Brokers on Notice That They May Be Required to Report Mortgage Data

WASHINGTON, D.C. –(ENEWSPF)–October 27, 2016.  Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is issuing warning letters to 44 mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. The Bureau has information that appears to show they may be required to collect, record, and report data about their housing-related lending activity, and that they may be in violation of those requirements.

“Financial institutions that fail to report mortgage information as required make it harder to identify and address discriminatory lending,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “No mortgage lender that is required to report their loan data can avoid this responsibility.”

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which was originally enacted in 1975, requires many financial institutions to collect data about their housing-related lending activity, including home purchase loans, home improvement loans, and refinancings that they originate or purchase, or for which they receive applications. Annually, these financial institutions must report to the appropriate federal agencies and make the data available to the public. The public and regulators can use the information to monitor whether financial institutions are serving the housing needs of their communities, to assist in distributing public-sector investment so as to attract private investment to areas where it is needed, and to identify possible discriminatory lending patterns.

Data transparency helps to ensure that financial institutions are not engaging in discriminatory lending or failing to meet the credit needs of the entire community, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. Financial institutions that avoid their responsibility to collect and report mortgage loan data hinder regulatory efforts to enforce fair lending laws.

The CFPB identified the 44 companies by reviewing available bank and nonbank mortgage data. The warning letters flag that entities that meet certain requirements are required to collect, record, and report mortgage lending data. The letters say that recipients should review their practices to ensure they comply with all relevant laws. The companies are encouraged to respond to the Bureau to advise if they have taken, or will take, steps to ensure compliance with the law. They can also tell the Bureau if they think the law does not apply to them. The CFPB, in sending these letters, made no determination that a legal violation did, in fact, occur.

A sample letter is available at:

In October 2015, the CFPB finalized a rule updating the reporting requirements of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act regulation. The rule will improve the quality and type of data that is collected and reported, including shedding more light on consumers’ access to credit. Most of the provisions of the final rule will take effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

In October 2013, the CFPB released a bulletin putting mortgage lenders on notice about the importance of submitting correct mortgage loan information.

For mortgage loan questions or to submit a complaint, consumers can contact the CFPB at (855) 411-2372 or visit


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives. For more information, visit



16 Responses to “CFPB Puts 44 Mortgage Lenders and Brokers on Notice That They May Be Required to Report Mortgage Data”
  1. dangeroosdave says:

    I’ve never gotten the electronically stored information. I continue to ask for it. The proper way is for your counterparty to share it at your alternate dispute resolution prior to trial. Then discovery, motions to compel, service of warrant with federal marshal, inspection at place of business, etc. In Texas a judge could appoint me as Special Texas Ranger and I could go get it from the server at Oracle. The point is it is available, it is accurate, your counterparty keeps scrupulous records every day, it’s backed up religiously, it’s transferred to the new servicer at each step. It is an appealable error if it is not furnished forthrightly.

  2. bollivar4 says:

    It isn’t quite that bad in the circuit aI am in, but bad enough. Calling the FBI is a real joke. If your lawyer would call the FBI, that would put more wright on you complaint. BUT, if the judge found out that your lawyer filed a complaint with the FBI, he would be black balled, and he probably wouldn’t do it for that reason. I can’t say where exactly I live, but that is a very long story. You really needed and still need, to get the court transcripts of all proceedings and a docket history sheet which you can get online. File a complaint with the JIB and use the transcripts and every document to support your complaint. NEVER THREATEN A JUDGE!!! You may already know this, but I have in a polite, well sort of polite way. During the last hearing, he started this crap that he has been tolerant of me, then I stood up and said “No, I have been tolerant with you. You think this is over, well it is not over.” Took my documents and slammed them into my brief case, and stormed out of the court room. If I known you sooner, I could have helped. What is the time frame of the foreclosure?

    • Tom says:

      My lawyer quit and wouldn’t show up in court and wouldn’t refund the retainer fee of $1,500.
      The FBI is a total joke, as is most of law enforcement.
      Reporting to the ARDC is also a big joke! (The ARDC is the Attorney’s Right to Deceive their Clients)
      They are only out to protect the wealthy corrupt and to hell with everyone else.
      No I didn’t threaten the judge, I just called him a f*@king crook over the phone when he called me from his cell phone.
      It is supposed to be illegal for a judge to call anyone that has a case in his court room.
      He was basically looking to see who was also filing complaints against him.
      He never did anything because he knew he would have been in trouble for contacting me.
      My fraudclosure went from late 2009 to the end of 2012.
      I went through the loan modification program, I had many different contacts with Chase Bank, and it all was just delay tactics by the courts and Chase Bank to keep me in the house until they could fit me into their foreclosure schedule.
      After my Father passed away in 2010, I received enough funds to pay off my home in full, but they wouldn’t accept my payment.
      I had a neighbor that recently just lost his home and they also wouldn’t accept his payments.
      Another thing they did was to add files at the end of the fraudclosure that I never received.
      I discovered that when I started reviewing my file in the document viewing room. It clearly states that it is a Class 4 Felony for document tampering, but that doesn’t apply to lawyers and judges.
      They are all above all laws and they can do whatever they want.
      The courts are bought and paid for by the wealthy corrupt and you’ll be lucky to win your case.
      You might delay it some, but once anyone is targeted for the fraudclosure, they will lose.
      That’s why the Court Recorder got involved with supplying people with documents that proved the fraud in the court, but that didn’t help to stop it from continuing.
      When he supplied me with the proof, he said that there wasn’t a single case that was won by the victims of their foreclosure scam in that court room.
      He wanted it stopped because he was tired of seeing his neighbors getting thrown out of their homes.
      If you can, when you are at the courthouse, see if you can check on your file. You might be surprised to see what they have been hiding from you.
      In my case when the foreclosure was finished I checked on my file and they added a lot of documents they were supposed to send me, but didn’t.
      The documents looked like they were freshly printed from a printer and then added to my file.
      I’m also permanently disabled, but that didn’t bother them from stealing my home.
      Being disabled makes it easier for them to abuse their power on.
      Older and disabled people are easy targets to steal from.
      Anything I said in court, they would make up new laws to cover their asses to steal my home.
      They came up with a settlement term called an “In Rem” foreclosure, which is against the property only and not me personally.
      That wiped out the Deficiency amount and the foreclosure never showed as ever happening.
      Nothing was ever reported on my Credit Report about it either.
      That is just more proof of the scam they were pulling off.
      Total fraud and theft!
      They collected on that force placed insurance from the government, PMI/MIP, auctioned the home off for half of what I owed, and made more profit than if I paid it off in full.
      If your foreclosure gets to that point that it looks like you’re going to lose, tell them you’ll take the “In Rem” foreclosure, that is against the property only and not you personally, have the deficiency amount wiped out, and ask for $5,000 or more to move.
      Basically what they say is cash for keys, and have it also removed from your credit report.
      Since I was in the beginning of their scam when all this fraud started, I wasn’t aware of what was happening.
      As time went by, I sure got educated on just how nasty the courts are and how GREEDY they are.
      I actually believed the courts were set up to receive justice. That doesn’t exist anyone!
      They are now just big money generating machines for the crooks!
      They will stop at nothing when it comes down to lining their pockets with easy and dirty money.
      Go through some of those filings from Lauren’s case.
      She even filed for criminal charges against the judges and lawyers.
      I think her court filings were over 800 pages of facts, but that didn’t stop them from committing their fraud.
      What other court would go after them?
      What law enforcement agency would stop them?

  3. bollivar4 says:

    I am very sorry to hear you lost your home to the banksters. Your story is all to familiar to me as I had (4) break ins where the intruders, Safeguard Properties hired by Green Tree stole my foreclosure defense files. Thank God they left enough documents behind to make my case of fraud on my mortgage and coercion and duress in voiding my mortgage. I was was forded into foreclosure by BoA increasing my mortgage payments on a 30 year, fixed rate loan to over double the amount of my regular payments. I had also scanned and sent to my daughter and others documents to prove my case. I have witnesses that took down the intruder’s license plate number, a description of the intruder and a sticker from Safeguard Properties left on my door. Would the sheriff investigate? Nope. I discovered through my sources he is getting kickbacks on the sale of all foreclosed homes in this county.
    The corrupt judge was also being paid off. My foreclosure was started with me getting Lyme Disease. I was working two jobs and how I got Lyme Disease is a real mystery. I was subsequently adjudicated disabled. Now the corrupt judge is discriminating against me in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act from which there is no protection from a lawsuit. I have only recently gotten some relief from the horrible effects of the disease by making a drastic change in my diet. After my lawyer was disbarred for stealing from his foreclosure clients and others, I was forced to represent myself. The judge has been very vocally discriminatory and I have the court transcripts. I have been going up his back side with filing complaints and petitions to knock him off the bench. I believe he has now realized he can be liable for his discrimination as he recently ruled, sort of in my favor. Aiding and abetting criminals in commission of a crime is not a judicial function.
    As I said before, I am more than willing to give up my life in pursuit of my most illegal foreclosure. I have two suits pending against several fraudsters by law firms who are willing to take my case on a contingency. If you are interested, I can post these law firms on this post. I could write all day on the Hell the judge and these creeps, but I have to copy more documents to send to these law firms. I wish you the best.

  4. bollivar4 says:

    One must be mad as Hell and learn to represent yourself in court. Bone up on civil contempt law and try to have someone with bail money at your disposal. If anyone thinks being a homeowner these days is easy, rent an apartment. Or if you are like me, be ready to give up your life, which I am, to protect my home from thieves. If you don’t have what it takes, give up. It is not in me to ever give up and the corrupt judge I have been fighting for over 4 years is starting to realize that I have had it with his discrimination, bias and prejudice and I told him so. If you can’t assert yourself, roll over and die. If you can’t read and understand procedural and substantive law, lay down for these crooks. Green Tree sent thugs to my house to force me to leave. They were lucking they left in one piece. Next time I will see how the situation presents itself…Nuff said.

    • Tom says:

      I tried fighting in court, but found out that the corruption was too much to battle alone. Hiring a lawyer was just a waste of money!
      I could have paid my mortgage off in full to Chase Bank, but the corrupt judge wouldn’t allow it. I’m sure that the kickbacks he received from the banks helped him force as many fraudulent foreclosures through his court room as he could.
      We even had the court recorder supplying us with documents that proved the fraud.
      That didn’t help to stop anything they were doing.
      The judge and lawyers might as well have taken everyone out to the back alley, put guns to their heads, and have them sign over their homes. YES, it was that bad!
      I even had the judge call me from his cell phone asking me why everyone was filing complaints against him. I told him because he was a f*@king crook!
      Once he knew who he was talking to, he hung up. (ISN’T IT AGAINST THE LAW FOR A JUDGE TO CONTACT ANYONE THAT HAS A CASE IN HIS COURT ROOM?)
      Apparently NOT! They are above all laws!!!
      I never thought I’d say anything like that to a judge and get away with it, but I did.
      I guess right there would tell you that with what I said should prove that he wasn’t a judge, but just a thief in a black robe abusing his power to line his pockets with dirty money!
      The banks made more money by forcing the foreclosures to collect on that force placed insurance scam. They received 80% of the loan amount, plus they auctioned the homes off afterwards for more profit. That’s why they wouldn’t allow me to pay off my mortgage in full, because they made more profit by stealing it!
      And they were so slick that they had the homeowners pay the premiums on that force placed insurance. (PMI/MIP) The homeowners pay the premiums and the banksters collect the insurance. Sounds a lot like insurance fraud?
      But they are above all laws so that doesn’t apply to them!
      Plus they had the locks changed on my home before the foreclosure was finished, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, and stole thousands of personal property.
      I reported that to the police, and of course, nothing was done to get it back.
      If anyone remembers Mike Dourin who posted here about the hell he was going through with the corruption in the courts, he fought like all hell to prove the corruption, and tried like hell to get it stopped, but he lost his battle.
      I was informed by his family that he passed away last November due to the STRESS dealing with the corruption in the courts that caused him to have a massive heart attack.
      May he be remembered for his courage for trying to do what was right and to inform as many as he did with what he uncovered. May he RIP.
      That is what angers me most, is that people that have lost more than just their homes through the massive fraudclosures are never even mentioned on the news.
      So if anyone really believes they’ll win to keep their homes from the corrupt judges, scumbag lawyers, and banksters, they might end up losing more than just their homes.
      It is clear that these thieves don’t care what happens to anyone, they just want all the money!
      Until the courts are cleaned up, with the judges, lawyers and banksters actually being prosecuted and jailed for their corruption, nothing is going to change.
      If you think things were bad before, just wait and see what’s coming. Trump hired 6 Goldman Sachs banksters to his administration? That should tell everyone a lot of what is coming, and it isn’t going to be good for anyone except for the millionaires and billionaires!
      They proved that their scam worked so great the first time around, and no one went to jail for the crimes they committed, so why not do it again?
      I think the only one that did jail time was the one that ran the fake mortgage documents scam in Florida.
      The country is divided where it is the wealthy corrupt financially raping the struggling poor, and it’s only getting worse.
      The TOO BIG TO FAIL and TOO BIG TO JAIL banks supposedly had to be bailed out by the taxpayers to stay in business. They awarded themselves 8 figure bonuses and then proceeded to foreclose on as many properties as they could to help supposedly pay back the bailout money, but most likely pocketed it instead.
      Just have the FED print more monopoly money to keep them going!
      Grease the right palms and the legal system looks the other way and allows it to continue.
      The banksters knew exactly what they were doing from the start!
      They had this all planned to happen as it did, and as it is going on now.
      The homeowners were, and now are, nothing more than pawns in their scam to be used as funnels to move the money back into their pockets through massive corruption.
      And NOT a damn thing is being done to stop it!
      When will people finally stand together and get this fraud and theft ended already?
      How many more families are going to have to be destroyed by the legalized thieves and their massive corruption?
      And they say Madoff pulled off the biggest financial scam in history?
      Wake up people and do some research and you’ll find out you’ve been played for fools with their money scams.
      Sooner or later we will end up in another Civil War!!!
      (Once people have woken up and finally had enough of the BS)

      • bollivar4 says:

        I just had a meeting with my court, appointed lawyer. Yes, that’s right. I wore their asses out and now they are ready to negotiate. You ask can a judge appoint a lawyer in a civil, chancery case. You can also file a 1401(f) motion to void the proceedings based on a biased judge. It is an uphill battle for sure if you can get clean court transcripts to prove it. See In Re Marriage of O’Brian, Illinois Supreme Court where one must prove actual prejudice. No problem here. Take a look.

      • Tom says:

        Where at in Illinois?
        I went through the corrupt Joliet Illinois courts. Judge Siegel. Totally paid off by the banks to force as many foreclosures through his court room as he could.
        They say he retired about a year or so later, very wealthy from all the kickbacks.

        The other tactic they use is to stop notifying people about court dates so the people don’t show up in court and then they can steal the home through a default since they didn’t show up. Slick?
        When you have the cash to pay off the mortgage in full and they don’t accept it, that should pretty much tell people that the foreclosures are a huge scam for them to collect on that force placed insurance. PMI/MIP.

        They tried that with me by not letting me know about the court dates for about 6 months. I hired a lawyer to complete the settlement that Chase offered and that’s when I found out by my lawyer about the missing court dates. The judge blocked that offer too! Everything I presented was “past the discovery phase” as the corrupt judge stated.
        There was no way in hell they were going to allow me to keep my home. It was all about the money and how much they all could profit from stealing it.

        They kept saying that Chase didn’t own my loan anymore, and they had no idea who owned it.
        The Court Recorder supplied me with documents that showed at the end of the foreclosure that all “documents” went back to Chase Bank.

        There was one lady there that tried presenting her case, but the judge got tired of listening to the truth and had her removed from court and then brought back in by the Sheriff with handcuffs on to belittle her in front of the rest of the people that were in court and threatened her with Contempt if she continued presenting her case.
        Isn’t that legalized extortion?
        She ended up losing her house, became homeless, and I took her in to my home for a while until she could get back onto her feet and find a new place of her own.
        You can find her filings on the internet under
        Lauren L. Scheffers Written Submission to Supreme Court Mortgage Foreclosure Committee

        Let me know how it goes there.
        Good luck!

  5. incognito123 says:

    And just who are these 44 “banks”??

  6. Forum Post: “Fraud On The Court By An Officer Of The Court” And “Disqualification Of Judges, State and Federal”
    Posted 4 years ago on Dec. 16, 2011, 11:42 a.m. EST by nighttalker (57) from New York, NY
    This content is user submitted and not an official statement

    Whenever any officer of the court commits fraud during a proceeding in the court, he/she is engaged in “fraud upon the court”. In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985), the court stated “Fraud upon the court is fraud which is directed to the judicial machinery itself and is not fraud between the parties or fraudulent documents, false statements or perjury. … It is where the court or a member is corrupted or influenced or influence is attempted or where the judge has not performed his judicial function — thus where the impartial functions of the court have been directly corrupted.” “Fraud upon the court” has been defined by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals to “embrace that species of fraud which does, or attempts to, defile the court itself, or is a fraud perpetrated by officers of the court so that the judicial machinery can not perform in the usual manner its impartial task of adjudging cases that are presented for adjudication.” Kenner v. C.I.R., 387 F.3d 689 (1968); 7 Moore’s Federal Practice, 2d ed., p. 512, ¶ 60.23. The 7th Circuit further stated “a decision produced by fraud upon the court is not in essence a decision at all, and never becomes final.

    • Tom says:

      So this is basically saying that all of those fraudulent foreclosures aren’t final, but with no one out there to investigate and prosecute the corrupt Judge’s, who were clearly working with the banksters and lawyers to push through as many fraudclosures as possible, to get their cut of the profits in kickbacks, how does it get resolved now?
      I’m sure that they have destroyed as many documents as possible after the fraudclosures were finalized by them, even though this states they never became final, due to the fraud.
      So that states that the courts and State governments owe people a lot of money in damages!!!

      The one person from the courtroom we were in, that also wanted the corruption stopped, was the Court Recorder. He was supplying documents to the victims going through the fraudclosures proving the fraud, along with all the other documents people had proving the fraud, but who do you contact to go after the legalized thieves?
      We all tried reporting what was going on, and our complaints were totally ignored.
      Why? Was it so massive of a scam that there was no way they were going to have the rest of the citizen’s find out just how corrupt the courts have become?
      Too many high level politician’s also involved?
      Too much MOB involvement, and like Mike says, the whole country has been taken over and controlled by the MOB now?
      That’s right, it’s not MOB, it’s crime family’s!
      What part about “crime” family’s doesn’t anyone see that would give them away as something that needs to be shut down?
      I would have to say that the word “crime” is a good hint, or is everyone just that dumb and blind?
      And they will never be shut down because they know exactly which palms to grease in kickbacks that allows their “crime” family’s to continue with their never ending scams to rob the American public blind.

      It’s nice that you found the legal jargon posted about court fraud, but when the people that are in those high positions have no fear in violating those laws, because they know they are above all laws, and nothing will ever change since they are all watching each other’s backs.

      What do we do now? Form a new legal system to go after the legal system that has failed due to massive corruption, where they turned the existing court system into nothing more than a huge MONEY generating extortion racket business, that no longer has anything to do with law and real justice?

      Or have it all start again where people try to present facts in court, get removed from the courtroom and brought back in handcuffs for so-called Contempt, which was an act by the Judge to belittle the person and silence them from presenting their facts.
      Or have the Judge shut you down and just keep stating that the case is beyond the Discovery Phase, so they can finalize the fraudclosure while having the banksters lawyers snickering at you while they complete their act of fraud.

      Just like the other people were saying, they might as well have taken everyone out to the back alley, put guns to their heads, and said sign over your property’s or die. Yes it was about that bad!
      And they knew there wasn’t going to be anything done to them for the crimes they committed!

      If anyone needs more proof on how bad and corrupt things are, just look at what Hillary has gotten away with, and continues to get away with! Even with more and more evidence coming out against her, nothing will be done because she is above all laws!
      She is just more proof of the double standards this country has for a so-called justice system that protects the wealthy corrupt while allowing the corruption to continue financially raping its citizen’s.

      With Hillary’s actions, every person that is caught drunk driving can now use her defense.
      They can now say that they “made a mistake” and it wasn’t intended to happen.
      The alcohol caused it because there was “no intent at the time” and no prosecutor in his right mind would bother filing any charges.

      There’s now all kinds of crimes that people can now use that defense with. She has opened the door for everyone to walk away free from crimes now.
      Maybe that will be her best contribution to society. “The Hillary Defense Act!”

      Or use the other new one called “Afluenza”. The defense that being raised as a spoiled brat allows you to NOT know the difference between right and wrong, and it allows you to walk free from all crimes committed!
      Basically stating that you are a MONEY DRUNK and that is what caused you to commit crimes. And since it is diagnosed as a disease you can walk free and seek treatment.
      Go out rob a bank, get caught, take a pill, because you have “Afluenza”. No jail time because you are sick!
      Or get some girl drunk and passed out and rape her behind a dumpster and walk away with the same defense tactics. Just because you came from a wealthy corrupt family that created your disease you get to walk away free.
      And then to tell people there isn’t anything different on how laws are applied and everyone receives equal justice? BS!!!

      Such a great system we live in, isn’t it?
      Totally disgusting and it’s going to get a lot worse before anything ever changes.
      Just wait until November 9th gets here! All hell is going to break loose!
      People are fed up with the lies and BS and they are going to demand and force the changes that were supposed to have been made many years ago, but as usual, they were all nothing more than lies after lies after lies!!!

  7. mike Drouin says:

    We all would like to believe in our Justice System , that it will provide ” Liberty and Justice for all ” But the Money has corrupted the system . Tom in another post said ” the wealthy corrupt are stealing from the struggling poor ” and they have the system protecting them !!! The CFPB put on notice ….. what does that mean ???? they gave them warning to get their accounting fraud in order ??? America is being ruled by organized crime , and for now , the power is in the hand of the rich elite ! America and what it stood for is finished ! and things will progressively get worse before they could ever get better ! You better hope Clinton doesn’t take the White House because you will really feel the effects of a TYRANT !!!

    • Tom says:

      It’s been a very sad time for America for many many years. The country is now at its breaking point and all the signs of total dysfunction are being exposed.

      I look back when I was growing up where neighbor’s were neighbor’s. If someone was sick or hurt and couldn’t work, the rest of the neighborhood came around to help them until they were healed.
      Nowadays when someone is sick or injured and can’t work, people come around to see what they can steal from them. Even family is at that point of finding ways to steal from each other whenever they see an opportunity to do so.

      Back then, laws were laws, and they applied to everyone equally for the most part. Not anymore!
      The wealthy corrupt MONEY DRUNKS are all working together to protect themselves while they systematically financially rape the rest of the country!

      The addiction to the MONEY has really ruined this country! A country that is supposed to be setting great examples for the rest of the world to see how our system, supposedly built on strong morals and values, is the best system out there, but it has only shown the rest of the world how easy it is to be corrupted, and how it will go around bullying the rest of the world into believing our system is the best.
      Especially since this system victimizes its own citizen’s whenever it gets a chance now!

      People are so brainwashed by the paid off Media and actually believe all the propaganda that is hitting them day after day, where they have become programmed robots that actually believe everything is still fine, and getting better.
      And then they actually believe the lies where they say Hillary will fix everything when she is elected.
      If Hillary gets elected, or should I say appointed, she will be the first President in history that has the most visible signs of corruption ever to be elected to office.
      And every day more and more corruption is being exposed about the Clinton’s and Hillary!
      Anyone else that committed 1/1000th of what she has committed in crimes would be put under the jail already!

      This election is more proof on just how bad our country has become! With the hundreds of millions of people in this country, this is the best we can offer the “We the People” with these two candidates?

      What do people do when their children start to act like spoiled brats? The kids get punished, right?
      They then learn right from wrong as they grow up! Or at least they should learn if the discipline is consistent!
      What happens when the spoiled brat adults commit illegal actions, they get punished and maybe go to jail, right? WRONG!
      The spoiled brat elitists are rewarded with huge bonuses, bailouts, no form of any real punishment for their spoiled brat behavior, so they just continue doing whatever they were doing before, because they are always bailed out and never face any real consequences for their spoiled brat behavior.

      The sad thing too is, that most people won’t even know what you are talking about, because when you are in it, willingly or not, you can’t see! When people wake up is when they admit that they now know what you were talking about. For most people though, it’s too late!

      We are all at one time or another, taught to be honest, work hard, get as much education as we can, and help everyone grow in positive ways for a building a better nation for everyone. That’s just being UNITED!
      “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” That is a phrase that was put in place for everyone to read, apply, and understand.
      We are so DIVIDED now that we are going to FALL very hard. Just like every other so-called super power in the past has done.

      When the power of the dollar causes people to start using and abusing their professions, and causing harm to a lot of people around them just to get more of their MONEY FIX, they failed the system, their family’s, friends, and neighbor’s.
      When you have the system protecting the now massively corrupted society, the system has totally failed.

      They now predict that November 9th, regardless of the outcome of the election, will be the beginning of mass rioting, and possibly the beginnings of another Civil War.
      THAT’S SICK!!!

      Even worse is that the “We the People” allowed all of this to happen!
      If Hillary gets elected, people say that we will get just what we deserve, and it’s not going to be good!

      So maybe when it is all over, and more people are thrown out of their homes, crime rises due to allowing the open borders to stay open, more jobs lost because businesses are moving overseas, higher taxes for the people that can’t make ends meet now, the wage gap increasing more due to the illegals keeping wages low, basically more selling out of the country so Hillary can line her pockets with more dirty money, higher premiums for Obamacare (not 22% increase, more like 75% or more), but they’ll all be happy because they got their first female President!


  8. This is the Electronically Stored Information that is both necessary yo do business, and incriminating to every bureaucrat involved. I’ve been seekig this information from PHH since 2012, and we are now before SCOTUS. The banks will do everything possible to protect their privacy, but THEY WILL LOSE. This is the avenue to take apert the mortgage backed security scam, and put people in jail.

  9. Tom says:

    Put on your hip-waders if you believe that BS.
    They never responded to or investigated anything I ever reported in the past on foreclosure fraud.

    Maybe it’s just a way for them to collect some more of those fake fines to get more kickback money to keep looking the other way?

    They keep making it look like they are taking actions to get rid of the corruption, but nothing is ever done to stop it.
    It’s just more BS to allow the scams to continue!!!

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