Trashed Out: Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks

Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks

MORRIS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Being burglarized is among a homeowner’s worst nightmares.

Now, imagine the intruder is actually sent there by your bank. Those break-ins happen more often than you might think.

“All the cabinets were open, everything was in disarray,” Davide Adier recalled.

What’s worse say owners  is the realization that their mortgage holder — the bank, not a burglar — may have been responsible.

How is this happening?

The real question should be “How is this STILL happening.”

Thank god for the $25 billion Mortgage Settlement and consent orders…

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One Response to “Trashed Out: Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks”
  1. Tom says:

    The courts got me with that too!
    Even before the fraudclosure was finished, they came out and changed the locks on my house, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, and stole thousands worth of personal property. Family memory items that can never be replaced gone to the massive corruption!

    The judge told me to file a police report, which I did, but the police didn’t do anything.
    Gee, I wonder who stole the property?
    I guess that allowed the cops to get in on the massive theft scam so they could also get their cut.

    So our so-called great LEGAL SYSTEM AND LAW ENFORCEMENT are now nothing more that a bunch of legalized thieves who can do whatever they want!
    They are all above all laws!

    And if you go for your insurance to cover the loss, you lose again! You receive nothing!
    It’s all BS!!!
    You pay for it, they steal it!

    Like I’ve said before, once you are targeted, you WILL lose!!!

    They say that November 9th is going to be the beginnings of massive rioting and change?
    Can’t wait for it to start now!

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