Trashed Out: Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks

Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks

MORRIS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Being burglarized is among a homeowner’s worst nightmares.

Now, imagine the intruder is actually sent there by your bank. Those break-ins happen more often than you might think.

“All the cabinets were open, everything was in disarray,” Davide Adier recalled.

What’s worse say owners  is the realization that their mortgage holder — the bank, not a burglar — may have been responsible.

How is this happening?

The real question should be “How is this STILL happening.”

Thank god for the $25 billion Mortgage Settlement and consent orders…

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2 Responses to “Trashed Out: Homeowners Claim They Were Burglarized By Their Banks”
  1. K.C. Tuckness Mercer says:

    I am a victim of this as well. June 3, 2013 I came home from a trip and my neighbor asked me if I had sold my house. I replied NO, Why would you ask??? My neighbor said that I had a lot of construction done to my house like New Cabinets and had it painted. I clearly new that I had not had any construction done other than the new roof that I had replaced a few months prior.

    Fast forward to December 19, 2013~ I left my home at 5:25 pm to go meet with an attorney a few blocks away. When I returned home I felt as if someone had been in my home, however there was no forced entry. After doing a walk through my house I realized immediately that indeed someone had been in my home because my loan documents and paperwork were out of place and unorganized. At this point I immediately remembered my neighbor ask me on June 3, 2013 just 6 months prior to this that I had construction on my home- new cabinets etc etc…….

    I went and pulled out every drawer in my home and by god he was right!! The contractors hired by Bank of America changed out the woodwork underneath the countertops and the drawers were changed out…….. How INSANE, RIGHT???? WHY would they go to that extreme and what is the purpose???? Well, the contractors make more money and they can bill the banks for New cabinets and countertops.

    It doesn’t stop here…… The contractors installed new door hinges in my kitchen door and they were inferred red to see movement in the home. The one that ABSOLUTELY VIOLATED everything was the 1 Brass Door hinge that they installed in my bedroom door.

    The next day I asked my neighbor if he had noticed any activity or anyone come to my house and he and his 2 sons both said that 5 minutes after I pulled out of my driveway at 5:25pm, 2 trucks pulled into my driveway and two guys went into my house. My neighbor didn’t think anything because they appeared like they were expected to be there…… My neighbor said they were in my house for 35-45 minutes.

    I had my house swept and it lit up like a firecracker it was so bugged. Everything I am sharing here I have on video footage for evidence.

    In June of 2013 Bank of America was hiring Contractors to work 24/7/365 and the qualifications for these positions required certifications in several programs that all had to do with telephone and interfere with data services. The part that really caught my attention was the job discription stated IN EXTREME AND URGENT SITUATIONS “BREAK THE GLASS” ~

    All of the dots finally connected, the side door glass to my garage had been busted out however replaced with a piece of plexiglass, the back door lock was changed out and I never realized that because I never use my universal key to access that door. Well, my universal key no longer could unlock my back door. At this point I knew that I had caught on to their criminal activities. The contractors continued to enter my home on so many occasions.

    Little did I know that I would be fighting for my home 9 years now, the part that needs to be known is they took it to major extremes when I was diagnosed with Extreme Levels of Heavy Metals Toxicity Poisoning. Hazmat came out to my house and it tested positive for cypermethium, A highly toxic chemical if ingested. I was forced to take disability and could not work my full time job at CBS Radio and my part time job at Walt Disney.

    My life has forever changed all because of greed, corruption and fraud.

  2. Tom says:

    The courts got me with that too!
    Even before the fraudclosure was finished, they came out and changed the locks on my house, WITHOUT A COURT ORDER, and stole thousands worth of personal property. Family memory items that can never be replaced gone to the massive corruption!

    The judge told me to file a police report, which I did, but the police didn’t do anything.
    Gee, I wonder who stole the property?
    I guess that allowed the cops to get in on the massive theft scam so they could also get their cut.

    So our so-called great LEGAL SYSTEM AND LAW ENFORCEMENT are now nothing more that a bunch of legalized thieves who can do whatever they want!
    They are all above all laws!

    And if you go for your insurance to cover the loss, you lose again! You receive nothing!
    It’s all BS!!!
    You pay for it, they steal it!

    Like I’ve said before, once you are targeted, you WILL lose!!!

    They say that November 9th is going to be the beginnings of massive rioting and change?
    Can’t wait for it to start now!

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