Wall Street’s New Slumlords Under Fire from Tenants Nationwide

Wall Street’s New Slumlords Under Fire from Tenants Nationwide

Bruce Nicholson and Lisa Daspit thought they had found the perfect house. They spotted it from the car — a bright yellow bungalow with white trim, partially hidden from the street by an array of palm trees on the lawn — while exploring a favorite neighborhood in Margate, Florida, outside Fort Lauderdale. The couple had dreams of owning their own home, and this single-family rental offered both the time to save and the space to grow.

They called the number for Waypoint Homes posted on the sign out front and moved in shortly thereafter, excited to make the house their own.

“It felt cozy. It felt warm,” Lisa said. “It felt like home.”

The first sign of trouble came from above. Less than a year into their lease, Bruce and Lisa say they noticed a crack in the ceiling above their living room. They called Waypoint and left messages, they said, but their requests for maintenance went unanswered. As their frustration grew, they told ABC News, so did the crack – first longer, then wider, until finally the ceiling caved in, scattering debris onto the furniture below.

“There’s problems happening, and I can’t get in touch with anybody,” Bruce said of his landlord. “We’re like this little speck on the bottom of the totem pole that means nothing to them.”



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