Keeping The Pros On Speed Dial: How Communication Is Key To New Business Success

Keeping The Pros On Speed Dial: How Communication Is Key To New Business Success

Are you just starting out with your new business venture? If so, you already know that you have a long list of important names and numbers of clients and pros that you work with daily. But what about those you need to have on speed dial? Important key people that you need to connect with include legal teams and other pros that you can call or text and quickly get solid professional advice. Here are just a few to keep in mind while you embark on your company launch.

Obtain Fast Legal Advice

The first year of being in business will be a growing experience for you and your company. While you may be educated and even run businesses in the past, each new venture is full of the unknown and you can’t always predict what may come up. Having qualified legal counsel at your fingertips is vital to success. A lawyer that specializes in business law and other pertinent areas of law is important to have on your speed dial so you can get answers quickly and move on with your day. Should any internal issues arise regarding management and internal reorganization, speaking with a qualified lawyer regarding what decisions to make and what documents to draw up are important. The professionals at McQuarrie suggest that If you’re faced with an unforeseen legal dilemma, getting the answers you need quickly on how to proceed or carry out a particular issue will help safeguard you from legal ramifications.

Answers to Pressing Financial Questions

Your lawyer and legal team that you work with in regards to all business dealings and matters can also assist you with certain financial questions. This could be over new acquisitions or business dealings with an existing firm or client. A good business law lawyer will be able to handle the legal aspect of a deal to ensure that your interests come first and your business needs are being met. Contacting a financial specialist, on the other hand, will help put all of your financial needs into a tighter perspective. Having your financial advisor go over your portfolio and dealings with a new client is imperative in order to ensure that all of the dollar signs add up perfectly. A financial advisor will be able to tell you the pros and cons of a potential business deal—giving you the options you need in an unbiased and clear manner.

Keep Up with Checks and Balances

It seems like when you own your own business that you always have to prep for tax season—no matter what time of the year it is. Staying ahead of your accounts payable and receivable is likely handled by an in-house accountant or an outsourced accounting firm. It’s always good to have an extra set of eyes going you’re your receipts and accounts payable to ensure that there are no huge tax bumps throughout the fiscal year. Having a tax advisor pro as part of your speed dial group is an excellent idea. Hiring someone on retainer to check for glitches and discrepancies is important. If they also specialize in law, that’s a plus. It gives you a bigger edge over having your tax-related documents filed properly when they’re due.

Getting the Best Real Estate Deal

Whether it’s buying new property or selling your existing building, having a realtor you can call at your convenience to get information about a sale or acquisition is important to a new business. Or maybe you’re facing foreclosure or you’re behind on payments. An attorney with real estate law experience can help guide you through the process. Because commercial real estate is very competitive, it’s good to know a real estate professional who will go the extra mile and quickly work for your needs. If your realtor also has a legal background to give you solid advice, that’s a plus.

Keeping a qualified and experienced legal team on your quick-call list is a great way to build a secure foundation for your business and future. Adding other team players that are competent and knowledgeable about your personal business history is also important. Combining the pros that also have legal experience together as one, creates a winning team for the start of a successful business.


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