Latest Google News

Latest Google News

Google cannot resist the temptation to show programmers all its latest and greatest technology. It has introduced a variety of technologies from brand new mobile payments systems to virtual reality camera.

Google has introduced the Android M. It is the next iteration of Google’s operating system. It runs on about 79% of smartphones around the world. The new operating system is getting a security makeover with stronger controls of privacy. New restriction of applications data access. It has also introduced the fingerprint scanning as part of the security layer. The Android M will have a new feature called Doze, which will dial down power usage when the smartphone is in use. This is good news for casino games players who are always on their phones, visit to learn more about responsible gambling. Also, Google is adding more functions for battery charging and power management.


Cardboard was a surprising hit. It managed to put virtual reality into the hands of daily users and without the high cost that comes with other devices.

Search engines are always trying to make the search experience better. Search engine optimisation, therefore, is a non-stopping transformation. The challenge for the SEO marketers is to be able to adjust to the ever-changing rules of the game. Over the years SEO has been exciting being marked by algorithm updates, evolving techniques and fast advancing tools that make SEO tick.

Marketers will have to start optimizing for voice search. This is because many people are now using voice search. This may also improve better experiences for those searching by voice.

The shift to mobile-first indexing will be completed soon. Mobile is now the way of the world. Even real money online casino games at Australia, Canada and Newzealand online casino sites are being offered to play on mobile devices.

The use of machine learning will play a bigger role in providing search results. RankBrain is Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence system designed to help process and deliver search results. Opting for a machine learning technology is important for humans since its goal is to draw up predictions as a human would. It has been predicted that machine learning will have a big influence on traditional search results.






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