Elon Musk’s Tips on Productivity

Elon Musk’s Tips on Productivity

Elon Musk is one of the most successful men on the planet. The guy is well known for his amazing work ethic which is driven by his over the top ambition. Being CEO Tesla and Space X is a demanding thing. But he is managing perfectly, even more than perfectly we might add.

As he steps up production at the Tesla plants to get the Model 3 electric car production back on track, an email he sent employees has leaked to the press. In the email, he outlines how he wants to turn the production into a 24/7 operation.

Without a doubt, some of the material in the email is damning for any employee. A lot is being asked of them. Part of the email has tips on how to be more productive. An old Malay proverb says “where the children of the chief are being scolded, commoner’s child should take notes”. Of course, that is a loose translation but we are sure that you get the picture.

The Tips

The main thrust of the tips had to do with meetings. So if you were hoping to get some tips to improve your real money gambling you are out of luck. Well not entirely. Read on or navigate to this website to learn more about gambling tips.

Meetings have to be short if you have to have them at all. That was the general sentiment of the tips. He encouraged Tesla employees to try and avoid spending time in meetings. The workers were given the option to walk out of meetings when they see they are not adding value to. The CEO further told high ranking employees that “…it is rude to make someone stay (for a meeting) and waste their time”.

Musk also emphasized simplicity. In the email, he highlighted how he didn’t want people to “…have to memorise a glossary just to function at Tesla.” He said this as he instructed employees to desist from using acronyms and other complicated forms of language which “inhibit communication”.

Oh, and for real money gamblers at the best online casino sites, this is what he had as a top tip. “…drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value.” Need we say more?

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