Eviction Cases Piling Up High Amid Housing Crisis

Eviction Cases Piling Up High Amid Colorado’s Housing Crisis

DENVER — The Denver metro area’s ever-growing cost of living, stagnant wages and lack of affordable housing is filling up the dockets at eviction courts across the region and state.

Colorado Center on Law and Policy, which advocates for tenant rights, says the Denver metro area is in the midst of an eviction crisis.

Approximately 27 percent of all civil cases filed in Colorado in 2017 were evictions, which represents 45,000 cases.

In Denver alone, there were more than 8,000 eviction cases last year. Arapahoe County saw the highest number of eviction cases, at nearly 10,000 in 2017.

But Jack Regenbogan, who is with the Colorado center on Law and Policy, says it’s not always a fair fight. Tenants are vastly underrepresented in eviction court cases.

Regenbogan says roughly 90 percent of landlords are represented by legal counsel during eviction proceedings, but only less than one percent of tenants have the equivalent legal assistance.

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