GoBuyside Offers Practical Solutions For Investment Management Recruiting

GoBuyside Offers Practical Solutions For Investment Management Recruiting

There’s a shortage of skilled workers in the United States. That shortage is obvious in the health services industry as well as in the investment management industry. It takes about 10 weeks to fill an investment management position. In 2009, it took five weeks to fill the same position. According to some reports, the investment management industry will have 200,000 positions open in 2022, and there isn’t going to be enough skilled people to fill those vacancies. The industry is aware of the hiring challenges facing them because the average age of an investment manager is 50, and 41 percent of those managers are 55 or older.

There is hope for the companies who decide to use a GoBuyside investment management talent services. GoBuyside specializes in helping hedge funds, private equity groups, and Fortune 500 companies find enough qualified people to meet future investment demands. GoBuyside takes pride in their ability to source and screen the best candidates, thanks to their educated and experienced staff. The GoBuyside staff knows forming a deep relationship with top-tier investment candidates is a must these days. That’s one reason why more than 400 clients use GoBuyside to fill investment advisor vacancies. But there are other reasons investment management companies rely on GoBuyside. The company knows what the underlying challenges are, and they have solutions for those challenges.

According to GoBuyside, there are six key challenges that are reducing the effectiveness of investment talent recruiters, and GoBuyside has a solution for all of these challenges. One of these challenges is the intense competition in the investment management space. There’s an enormous amount of pressure on investment management recruiters, because the list of specialized recruiting experts who can help hedge funds, and private equity firms find the right people is a short one. The big accounting firms did most of the recruiting grunt work for investment management companies in the past. But accounting firms are not in that business the way they were 20 years ago. Back then, there were eight big accounting firms that could recruit investment management talent. Today, there are only four.

New York-based GoBuyside uses recruiting experts that specialize in finding the right talent for investment organizations because the company has global connections that give the company a broader talent pool. GoBuyside doesn’t just rely on social media to find recruits like other companies. Networking on social media may seem like the best way to find specialized talent, but GoBuyside uses the art of communication and cold calls to find the appropriate talent for investment firms. The company believes developing relationships with potential clients as well as developing a close bond with recruits is still the best way to fill vacant positions.

GoBuyside also thinks diversity is another important aspect in the investment management recruiting process. But the company also believes inclusiveness is also an essential ingredient in finding the right people. That’s why GoBuyside uses recruiting principles that contain elements of diversity and inclusiveness in their approach. Fostering and expanding the good ole boy networking mentality is not part of the GoBuyside list of approved recruiting tactics.

The other exciting part of the GoBuyside approach to investment management recruiting is the fact the company doesn’t use vintage technologies to find qualified candidates. Even though the industry is known for being behind in terms of using the latest technology, GoBuyside knows the old disruptive technologies can hurt the recruiting process. So the company uses new and different search technologies to fill vacant positions all over the world. GoBuyside is also aware of the changes in the industry. Finding talent that can function in different roles is important going forward. GoBuyside finds talent with hybrid skills, and that means they can function effectively in more than one position.


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