Conman Steals Home Titles in Complex Scam

Conman Steals Home Titles in Complex Scam

Authorities say a conman is filing false documents that make it appear that he owns homes in Davidson County that he actually doesn’t.

Belle Meade and Metro police are working half a dozen cases where people’s home titles are being stolen without them even knowing it.

News 2 found one of the homes in North Nashville. The run-down home on Lucille Street is typical of the kind of properties involved in the alarming real estate scam.

Police said the target homes are often fixer uppers, investment properties or quick-flip opportunities where there is a fast buck to be made.

“He’s trying to quickly flip the property to a new buyer who has no idea this is going on,” said real estate attorney Carlton Drumwright. “Most of the properties are vacant properties or rental properties.”

According to Drumwright, the home on Lucille Street was transferred from the real owner to a fake individual named Marvin Mashatt on Oct. 13, 2017.

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  1. nadianasrawi says:

    What about Mr Trump why not doing nothing to save our lives from Criminal like WellsFargo

  2. Nothing new for large institutions which are too big to fail.

  3. louise says:

    Seen this before over many years.

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