Who Holds the Title? An Interview with David Dayen 2018

Who Holds the Title? An Interview with David Dayen

By: Austin C. Yenne

During the 2007 – 2008 financial crisis, Florida was one of the top states hit with foreclosures. Unfortunately, what wasn’t given enough attention were the many residents that were being foreclosed on illegally. David Dayen came across three ordinary citizens in Lake Worth, Florida, who uncovered the crimes that banks were committing and who fought vigorously to inform the public. David eventually wrote a book of the uphill battle they fought to expose these
crimes that were being committed. I recently reached out to David to talk to him about his book, “Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud“,  and the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis.

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  1. Dan Schramm says:

    In judicial foreclosure states every foreclosure is heard by a Kangaroo Court. The named plaintiff, the trustee of a REMIC trust never appears. It is all the Servicer. The Servicer has NO authority from the trustee as the trustee has none to give. The trustee never collects mortgage payments, never sends the default notice and never forecloses. It can not assign powers it does not have. If it had powers, they could never be assigned to an unlicensed non-bank entity. The trustee NEVER paid a dime for your note, nor did anyone else involved in the case. The investors paid, and the investors (mutual funds, 401k, pension funds and the like) used YOUR MONEY (the savings of the middle class) to loan to you. Homeowners are not trying to get free houses, the banks are getting free houses.

    • Robert says:

      That’s a fantasti. description of what really happens, and you’re exactly right!

      • Keodmo says:

        These events were the modern equivalent of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. As far as I know, no one has written from the perspective of those who lost their jobs, their family, their house, in short everything.

  2. Rita J calhoun says:

    Love to discuss my 2 Ohio illegal foreclosure cases with Mr Dayen and the role of the Ohio Supreme Court in this matter. This state not only interfered with the tenancy at these properties, they allowed the Servicers to vandalise and cause damage and prevent the access to the houses, they refused to make arrest after numerous break ins when intruders were caught in the properties.
    Fraudulent documents were allowed in court files, property value decreased, monies desiginated from bank settlements is used to fund the state’s illegal foreclosure mill which has harmed homeowners more than the banks ever did. No checks and balances as Supreme Court sent visiting judges to advance the state’s mission, to acquire the properties for themselves. Supreme Court even sent hushed to terminate the child support to a child certified as “Castle Child” for the specific goal of removing income from the household. How can you appeal to a higher court (Supreme Court) when they are acting as lower court and court of appeals? Tell all book in the near future!!
    Federal lawsuit charging fraud and judicial misconduct as well.

  3. Bruce R nelson "geezerkatz" says:

    well for sure AHMSI (Wilbur Ross Jr) NEVER had any standing, owned no title, was sued by me and my home was awarded “free and clear” by court order for failure under TILA to possess “note or mortgage”. Ross, being a billionaire, 4 yrs later got Judge Ruth Brown, 12th Dist Fed Ct (Mossman) to reverse my 4 yr earlier judgement, gave my home to Ross, et al ($340k free and clear equity) and dismissed me prose se WITH PREJUDICE, despite recent SCOTUS orders to investigate fed Judges who “participated in conspiracy with Ross, et al (AHMSI/OCWEN/HSB) to unlawfully dispossed my free and clear home. I have blogged this for over 5 yrs with Living lies. I am a pauper 79 yr old USAF Nam Era Disabled Vet living now only on $1600 . Wilbur Ross Jr, our current Sec of Commerce and personal banker of Trump. This having been done to a defenseless 79 yr old Nam Era Ptsd victim who has nevr been able to obtain a white shoe att to go after what should be a multimillion $$ bad faith case. I loose, Ross wins. Dagger in this Vets aging heart.

    I know no one is interested so all I am doing is venting as a part of my on going psychotherapy. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Bruce Nelson, Banner Elk, NC 28604

    • DyingTruth says:

      I know and feel your pain. My Father, also a Vietnam Vet filed TILA Rescission California Central Dist. Court and had case dismissed due to corrupt fed judges and own attorney switching sides, even though they defaulted by not responding timely. The problem is All judges be they state or federal have inherent conflicts of interest because all their pensions are invested in Mortgage Backed Securities. All of this is easily verifiable.

  4. keodmo says:

    Even after ten years it’s still too painful to even remember owning a home. To move on with life, one just cannot care.

    • Robert says:

      I lost my home, my family, my investment and belongings, and my fight almost a year ago to a bank with no ties to me, based on hearsay, with no evidence against me. Just waiting out my anniversary to write my own story, and probably pursue those involved in fraud upon the court. Time will tell……

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