How to get the most out of your property

Once you’ve bought a home – providing you can afford it – it’s probable that you haven’t really looked at ways you can get more income out of it. There are a number of tactics you can employ to turn your property into a money-making venture, and some may surprise you. So, if you want … Read more

Florida woman fined over $100,000 for overgrown grass on foreclosed property

Florida woman fined over $100,000 for overgrown grass on foreclosed property A small, seaside city outside of Tampa fined a woman more than $103,000 for overgrown grass and a dirty swimming pool in a house she no longer owned, according to a USA Today report. Kristi Allen, 38, received a letter from the city of … Read more

8 Important First Time Mortgage Tips Every New Homebuyer Should Know

For new homeowners, a first-time mortgage can be an intimidating prospect. Let’s face it, the paperwork that goes along with a mortgage is extensive at best. You’ve probably read shorter novels. It also leaves you with a lot of questions. Were you supposed to read all of it? Were you supposed to understand the parts … Read more

Complying With Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Becoming a landlord can be a profitable business for some, or it may occur as a simple byproduct of letting a room just to help you earn equity on a property. Whether you buy and let homes for a living or you’re trying this as a one time thing, or even ended up in this … Read more

The essential guide to finding the best mortgage

Foreclosure is a serious problem across the USA. In our quest to inform and help guard against foreclosure fraud, we have put together this guide to finding the best mortgage deals. Let’s start by taking a look at the definition of a mortgage- this is a loan taken out against the value of your home … Read more

A List of the Best Invoice Apps for Small Businesses

Are you running a small business? Are you struggling to cover all bases especially when it comes to invoices? Creating and managing invoices are burdensome if you don’t have a dedicated team for the task. Invoices are your keys to receiving payments from your clients. If you cannot generate them efficiently, your cash flow will … Read more

A Complete Guide to the Different Online Loan Options Available

There are several different online loans that a person can get. Click here for explanations on the different online loan options.

How to Balance Your Budget

The discourse surrounding the term “budgeting” seems to have turned sour. People equate good budgeting to sucking the fun out of everything because you can’t spend money on anything you want. This isn’t the purpose of budgeting, but exactly the opposite: it’s a way to help you become financially secure and stable so you can … Read more