A List of the Best Invoice Apps for Small Businesses

best invoice app

Are you running a small business? Are you struggling to cover all bases especially when it comes to invoices?

Creating and managing invoices are burdensome if you don’t have a dedicated team for the task. Invoices are your keys to receiving payments from your clients. If you cannot generate them efficiently, your cash flow will suffer.

In fact, late payments affect small business the most in the United States. Small brands cannot build up their inventory and employees wind up getting their salaries late.

Thankfully, there are invoice apps to help solve your problem. But what exactly is the best invoice app out there?

Continue reading below as we look at some of the best options.

Finding the Best Invoice App: 4 Options to Consider

There are several invoice apps out there today. When conducting your search, you need to consider your requirements. To find the best invoice app for your business, you need to look into the apps’ key features.

Here are four that are worth checking out:

Free Invoice Generator

As the name implies, this app will not cost you a penny. But on top of that, it doesn’t store data on their servers. Instead, they use Web Storage that enables you to store complex data in your browser.

You can store such data without even using any databases or external services. As for the features, you can include Shipping and Discount options to your invoice. You can also auto calculate the Tax value.

In addition, there is no need to sign up. You also get to keep the free invoices on the server for 10 minutes.


If you want more options in customizing your invoices, FreshBooks is a great option. First, it specializes in tracking time and expenses. It also offers customizable invoice templates.

You also gain access to numerous automation features. You can add payment reminders, late fees, discounts, and recurring invoices. In addition, you can also add your company’s logo on the invoice.

This gives you a sense of ownership.

But unlike the first the Free Invoice Generator, FreshBooks comes with a minimal fee.


This app specializes in creating and sending professional invoices. Similar to FreshBooks, it offers customization options. It also comes with premade invoice templates.

But the strength of the app lies in its tracking capabilities. The app tracks the time when clients open their respective invoices. You can also send payment reminders.

You can also generate financial reports and send them to your clients who have pending balances. In addition, the app accepts debit and credit cards for faster transactions.

If there is one downside, Invoice2go doesn’t come for free.

Square Invoices

If you don’t have enough budget for invoice apps, Square Invoices is another good option that is easy on the budget. The app offers an ample amount of customization. You can place your logo on the invoice.

You can even choose a color scheme you prefer.

It is easy to use, as you can send your invoice in three simple steps. It tracks your invoices and reminds you clients about their payables.

In addition, the invoices are free of charge. But you need to pay a minimal amount for every transaction.

Grow Your Business through Technology

The key to finding the best invoice app is picking the one that best addresses your needs. Always keep in mind your budget and requirements and you’ll be fine.

But you shouldn’t stop with invoicing. We invite you to check our articles and blog posts. We feature stories on technologies that aim to help small businesses grow faster.

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