5 College Degrees all Real Estate Agents Should Consider

The average entry level real estate agent earns roughly 45,000 dollars a year. The pay rate, though, varies based on the hours you work and how successful you are. A real estate broker earns roughly 10,000 dollars more per year. However, firms prefer candidates with the right education for these and other jobs. The question for many is which degrees provide the knowledge you need to succeed in real estate. Here are five college degrees all real estate agents should consider.

Business Administration / Entrepreneurship

Every real estate agent has to complete the same 60 to 90 hours of real estate training and pass the licensing exam. Good programs will give you an overview of the laws related to real estate and skills like time management. If you want to distinguish yourself, earn a degree in business administration. This degree covers the skills you need to succeed in the real estate business like written and verbal communication. You’ll be better able to manage the business side of your business, since these programs teach you how to manage money and people. An entrepreneurship degree covers this plus an overview of accounting, marketing and law.

Applied Economics

Applied economics knowledge has a number of benefits. It allows you to understand the economic cycle and the timing that is everything when it comes to commercial real estate projects. Applied economics impacts real estate acquisition decisions, as well. This is why an applied economics degree is invaluable, especially if you work in commercial real estate.

You can always get an online degree while you’re working without skipping a beat. The Boston College applied economics courses online could give you a better understanding of applied economics and how to apply it to real estate. You’ll be able to identify trends in the demand for warehouses and distribution facilities due to the growth of ecommerce. Or you could identify opportunities for infill development and new facilities because of good transportation access and lower cost land.

Graphic Design

A degree in graphic design may be what you need to get an edge in the real estate business. You’ll be able to improve the photos and diagrams you upload to real estate marketing sites to help sell the properties. You can create flyers, logos, and banner ads that help sell you and your real estate portfolio. You also have the fallback option of creating flyers and other media for other people.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing teaches you how to market yourself and your property portfolio online. You’ll learn how to promote items including single family homes on social media and sell them via search engines. This minimizes your marketing expenses. You’ll master email marketing, something that increases your odds of closing the sale. You’ll be able to sell or rent homes faster, and that’s essential to increasing your profit margin. If you can close quickly, you’ll attract clients who need to sell as fast as possible. Digital marketing expertise also helps you promote yourself online, helping you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Accounting / Finance

An accounting degree is invaluable if you’re working in real estate. You’ll learn more than bookkeeping. You’ll know how to process transactions. You’ll learn how to do various types of accounting and run the numbers for your clients. You’ll be able to manage your company’s budget as well. A related degree to consider is a finance degree. You’ll learn the basics of economics, financial analysis and financial reporting. You’ll be able to determine which real estate properties are worth investing in.


People can enter real estate with a wide variety of educational backgrounds. However, there are certain types of expertise that can take your real estate career to the next level. Make sure that you consider all of these options and the skills they could offer if you want to further your career.

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