Various Ways to Prevent Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud cases cost the industry billions of dollars every year. Fortunately, there are many providers set up to protect you from this happening. There are some ways to prevent healthcare fraud from happening to you.

Key Signs to Look for With Healthcare Fraud

To prevent healthcare fraud, you need to recognize the key signs so you know what to look for. There are many to watch out for, and you should never ignore a gut-feeling that there’s something you should be aware of.

Receiving a Bill for a Product You Haven’t Bought

This is one of the most common signs to be aware of with a healthcare fraud. In particular, many suppliers of medical equipment will advertise their products and services to you for free. After a short span of time, these companies bill your healthcare provider under your name, demanding payment.

Ways to Prevent This Happening

Awareness is key. If you receive correspondence from a provider, we recommend performing a phone number search to investigate if the service is legitimate. If they have a website or if there are online reviews posted by customers, then spend some time researching.

You’re Getting Billed for a Service You Didn’t Receive

Some health care services send a bill to your insurer for services that were never performed. Your healthcare insurer will then send a letter to you informing you of this debt.

Ways to Prevent This Happening

Contact your medical insurer and explain the correspondence you’ve received. Make sure that you inform your insurer that you haven’t received these services. You should also keep all medical documentation up to date and safe. If you need to dispose of any medical documents, then be sure to use a shredder. It’s important to responsibly dispose of sensitive documents, as these can otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

Duplicate Billing for The Same Service

If you’ve undergone a medical service or procedure, for example, then you should never receive more than one bill for the same medical assistance. It can be a clear indication of fraud if you receive more than one. You will need to keep a very keen eye on what you’re being billed for in the days, weeks, and months after you undergo a medical procedure. Another common trait of healthcare fraud is receiving correspondence stating that you or your medical insurer hasn’t paid for a service you already paid. In this case, you will need to contact your insurer as a matter of urgency.

Ways to Prevent This Happening

If you receive another letter stating you haven’t paid for a service, the first step is contacting your medical insurer for confirmation that this has already been paid. Keep hold of the letter that you believe to be fraudulent for future reference, but don’t contact the company with your payment details in any situation.

The above examples present some common healthcare fraud scenarios, but what exactly is the definition of healthcare fraud? The main definition is intentionally producing false claims with the intention of getting money out of people.

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