The Windows Store is Now Filled With Piracy Apps

The Windows Store is Now Filled With Piracy Apps In recent years piracy has sky-rocketed as technology advanced and piracy is still on the rise. The Windows Store is now a hub for piracy promoting apps. It makes it possible and easy to stream latest movies and TV shows without spending any money using these … Read more

Who Killed Seth Rich: Complaint – Rod Wheeler Sues Fox News Over ‘Fabricated’ Quotes

Did White House Push for Fake News Story About Seth Rich’s Death to Distract from Russia? The Fox News Channel and a wealthy supporter of President Trump worked in concert under the watchful eye of the White House to concoct a story about the death of a young Democratic National Committee aide, according to a … Read more

“A Full-Blown Scandal” – Statement from NYC Comptroller on Mismanagement at Wells Fargo

Statement from NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer on New Revelations of Mismanagement at Wells Fargo This is a full-blown scandal — again. It’s unbelievable, outrageous, sad, and yet quintessential Wells Fargo. This isn’t just a corporate debacle. It’s caused real human harm. It’s reflective of a system that Americans feel is rigged against the little … Read more Legit Essay Writing Service for Students Legit Essay Writing Service for Students If you’re looking for a top essay writing service for students, you’ll probably find out quickly that it isn’t too easy. There seem to be thousands of essay writing services online, but which ones are legit and which ones are scam sites? For a student, we know that … Read more

Not Fake News: Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance On 800,000 Borrowers

Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance On 800,000 Borrowers One year after Wells Fargo was busted in the biggest post-financial crisis scandal, when Warren Buffett’s favorite bank was exposed for fraudulently “cross-selling” bank products, including creating millions of credit cards and bank accounts to its customers that were never requested, and which cost the former … Read more

America’s Top Prosecutors Used to Go After Top Executives. What Changed?

“With its broad historical scope, Eisinger’s book lacks the juicy, infuriating details of “Chain of Title,” David Dayen’s chronicle of foreclosure fraud — another instance of white-collar crime that went largely unpunished… But for someone familiar with the political landscape of the contemporary United States, Eisinger’s account has the ring of truth.” ~ THE CHICKENSHIT … Read more