Tim Miller – “Love, Your Broken Home”

Tim Miller – “Love, Your Broken Home” (Live Studio Recording) A little while back I listened to an interview on the radio involving predatory lending practices. On one side, they had a family on the verge of being homeless because of these predatory practices. On the other side, they interviewed a twenty something year old … Read more

WSJ: Defunct NJ ‘Foreclosure Mill’ Sues Wells Fargo Over Robo-Signing

Defunct Law Firm Sues Wells Fargo Over Foreclosure Work A New Jersey law firm that helped Wells Fargo Bank N.A. foreclose on thousands of homeowners has sued the lender, saying the bank’s delayed efforts to fix its robo-signing problems led the law firm to collapse. Lawyers for the Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman law firm, which … Read more

Now Hiring: Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Foreclosure Chain of Title Specialist

Now Hiring: Select Portfolio Servicing (SPS) Foreclosure Chain of Title Specialist Once again, I applied and you should too… Job Summary: Provides assistance in demonstrating the Investor has the appropriate legal authority to initiate actions through a complete Chain of Title, by recognizing and preparing the required documents to complete the Note with applicable Endorsements, … Read more

Blast From The Past: Full Deposition of Xee Moua – Wells Fargo Robosigner Extraordinaire 500 Documents a Day

Wells adds to crisis over home seizures Originally Posted by 4closureFraud on October 19, 2010 · In a sworn deposition on March 9 seen by the FT, Xee Moua, identified in court documents as a vice-president of loan documentation for Wells, said she signed as many as 500 foreclosure-related papers a day on behalf of … Read more

Wells Fargo Beatdown Over Endorsements That Are Not “Genuine”

Wells Fargo Beatdown over endorsements that are not “genuine” Cross posted from https://libertyroadmedia.com Here at LRM, I have written a lot about the importance of endorsements on promissory notes, specifically what has come to be known as a “ta-da” endorsement, which is roughly defined thusly: “…endorsements that magically turn up on promissory notes after a … Read more

Rep. Gregory Meeks Destroys Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf: House Financial Services Committee Hearing

“I got individuals right now who are on the street, on the street, they’re not back in their homes. They had these fraudulent mortgages. Nobody has said, oh I’m sorry that we gave you these fraudulent mortgages, we gonna put you back in your home and we are going to make sure that everything is … Read more