Whistle-blowing Guide: Blowing the Whistle is Tough

A guide detailing how to blow the whistle on a company or organization. Part 1 looks at how and why you should become a whistleblower, and what steps you should take first. ** This is part one of ExpressVPN’s whistleblowing guide. ** Part 2: Whistleblowing guide: How to stay anonymous when blowing the whistle Part … Read more

THIRD FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN v KOULOUVARIS: Non-Negotiable HELOC is Not a Self-Authenticating Instrument

“Third Federal advances a variety of alleged trial court errors. We are not persuaded and, accordingly, affirm” ~ THIRD FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN v KOULOUVARIS: Nonnegotiable HELOC is Not a Self-Authenticating Instrument Third Federal Savings & Loan Association of Cleveland appeals the trial court’s order involuntarily dismissing its foreclosure case. We have jurisdiction. See Fla. … Read more

Why Big Banks LOVE Paying Fines to the U.S. Government

“Deutsche Bank said they were happy to settle with the Federal Reserve. Why is Deutsche Bank happy to settle? Because their assets are pushing $2 trillion according to Forbes. The bank brings in tens of billions of dollars each year. Under the circumstances, $156 million is a small price to pay to get the Fed … Read more

Eviction Cases Piling Up High Amid Housing Crisis

Eviction Cases Piling Up High Amid Colorado’s Housing Crisis DENVER — The Denver metro area’s ever-growing cost of living, stagnant wages and lack of affordable housing is filling up the dockets at eviction courts across the region and state. Colorado Center on Law and Policy, which advocates for tenant rights, says the Denver metro area … Read more

The Death of Retail: 77 Million Square Feet of Shopping Space Shuttered So Far in 2018

The Retail Real Estate Glut Is Getting Worse Stores have announced the closing of 77 million square feet of shopping space so far this year The fall of the Toys “R” Us chain, with more than 700 U.S. stores, shows how much retail real estate has changed in just the last decade. When KKR & … Read more

Subprime Mortgages Make a Comeback with a New Name and Soaring Demand

“It will allow its borrowers to have FICO credit scores as low as 500. The current average for agency-backed mortgages is in the mid-700s. Borrowers can take out loans of up to $1.5 million on single-family homes, townhomes and condominiums. They can also do cash-out refinances, where borrowers tap extra equity in their homes, up … Read more