Fraudclosure Radio | Today (1pm ET) & Tomorrow (7pm ET) RI State Senator Moura on Freddie/Fannie’s Manufactured-Fraudclosure Tactics

Thank you Senator Moura! Calling all Rhode Islanders! Help this woman stay in your legislature. Volunteer and donate to her campaigns. Keep her in the legislature. Emailed from the good Senator herself. Hello. As a result of my press release issued last week on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I will be appearing on talk … Read more

Schott v BAC Home Loans | Lawsuit Says Securitization Process Waives Banks Foreclosure Rights

Plum man files suit over home foreclosure The millions of mortgages that were bundled into giant investment pools and traded like stocks shouldn’t be subject to foreclosure, according to an unusual lawsuit filed Wednesday. That’s because when banks chose to turn mortgages into investment products, they gave up the right to take the house, attorney … Read more

Freddie Mac Loan Deal Defective, Report Says

Freddie Mac Loan Deal Defective, Report Says Freddie Mac used a flawed analysis when it accepted $1.35 billion from Bank of America to settle claims that the bank misled it about loans purchased during the mortgage boom, according to an oversight report scheduled for release on Tuesday. The faulty methodology significantly increased the probable losses … Read more

FHFA, Treasury, HUD Seek Input on Disposition of Real Estate Owned Properties

Short Answer: STOP KICKING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR HOMES ILLEGALLY . ~ FHFA, Treasury, HUD Seek Input on Disposition of Real Estate Owned Properties 8/10/2011 Range of Ideas Sought, Including Transition to Rental WASHINGTON – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), in consultation with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Department of Housing and Urban Development … Read more

Fraudclosure | John O’Brien Robo-signer Rejection Letter and Affidavit in Support of Filing

I must say, this guy is awesome… From the Robo-signer rejection letter… RE: Request for Recording of ____________________________(the “Recording”) Enclosed please find your Recording, based upon the fact that it is signed by  a  known robo-signer, I am returning it to you.  I will record it upon receipt of a signed affidavit, a copy of … Read more

PBC Clerk of Court Sharon Bock to County Citizens RE Fraudclosures, It’s Not My Problem

“I don’t have the legal ability to prosecute, but I have the responsibility to represent my constituents and report something that looks fraudulent.” John O’Brien ~ You would think that PBC’s clerk of court would be concerned about the massive fraud that is being played out in her county’s public records since this is ground … Read more

Chief Judge Peter Blanc Objects to Foreclosure Mill’s ie David Stern’s Proposals

It’s beginning to feel like a circus again… Chief Judge objects to foreclosure mill’s proposals by Kim Miller Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said in a letter Wednesday to David J. Stern that Stern’s suggestions to deal with thousands of abandoned cases are not permitted by Florida rules of law. Blanc was responding … Read more

Fraudclosure | Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved!

Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved! 1.  Sign up! Go to or Click on Donate/Paypal link.  The cost to ride the bus is $30/person, please donate a small additional amount if you are able to help defray the costs of the event.  Pay an appropriate amount and add note in space … Read more