Fraudclosure | John O’Brien Robo-signer Rejection Letter and Affidavit in Support of Filing

I must say, this guy is awesome… From the Robo-signer rejection letter… RE: Request for Recording of ____________________________(the “Recording”) Enclosed please find your Recording, based upon the fact that it is signed by  a  known robo-signer, I am returning it to you.  I will record it upon receipt of a signed affidavit, a copy of … Read more

PBC Clerk of Court Sharon Bock to County Citizens RE Fraudclosures, It’s Not My Problem

“I don’t have the legal ability to prosecute, but I have the responsibility to represent my constituents and report something that looks fraudulent.” John O’Brien ~ You would think that PBC’s clerk of court would be concerned about the massive fraud that is being played out in her county’s public records since this is ground … Read more

Chief Judge Peter Blanc Objects to Foreclosure Mill’s ie David Stern’s Proposals

It’s beginning to feel like a circus again… Chief Judge objects to foreclosure mill’s proposals by Kim Miller Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said in a letter Wednesday to David J. Stern that Stern’s suggestions to deal with thousands of abandoned cases are not permitted by Florida rules of law. Blanc was responding … Read more

Fraudclosure | Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved!

Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved! 1.  Sign up! Go to or Click on Donate/Paypal link.  The cost to ride the bus is $30/person, please donate a small additional amount if you are able to help defray the costs of the event.  Pay an appropriate amount and add note in space … Read more

Shapiro and Fishman Fraudclosure | Two Copies of a Note, Different but the Same

Now how do you explain this? Note #1 (lost note count, copy of note with a single endorsement in blank by Betty Cotton attached to the compliant) Note#2 received as returned exhibit to affirmative defenses which also has a SINGLE endorsement in blank by Debra Sierck… So, we have two different copies of the “original … Read more

Dexia Holdings v Countrywide: The Scope of the Fraud on the People, on the US Congress, and on the International Community May Begin to Unfold

Dexia Holding v Countrywide and the Sub-prime Crisis – the Scope of the Fraud May Begin to Unfold By Joseph Zernik Los Angeles, January 27 – upon review of the complaint in Dexia Holdings Inc et al v Countrywide Financial Corp et al,[[i]] it appears that the scope of the fraud on the People, on … Read more