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  1. Tom Heinrich says:

    Am I right that most of the users of this Board go commando without using top-notch skilled lawyers to strategize and to present and argue the facts, legal points, law, regulations, and case law in educating your judge, and then bitch about when the judge doesn’t give you what you want ???

    Are you nuts ?

    I didn’t get half of my home for free with my ( now FORMER ) lender ordered to additionally pay my 25% income tax on the amount of my Court-Ordered forgiven mortgage debt BY ACCIDENT, and Ben Howard didn’t win HIS foreclosure case outright with the lender unable to collect a single penny from him AND having to pay all the real estate taxes and property insurance on his property for as long as he wants to stay in his gorgeous home near the ocean by Happenstance, it took FIVE sets of lawyers……including two former Florida Assistant Attorneys General to prepare and present and argue his winning case, and I actually had (free) assistance from the government !!!!

    PEOPLE, the legal system is a MORASS stacked against you (you all KNOW that)…. I plead with you to seek out and use the brilliant legal minds who have gone before through the jungle cutting the path that wins.

    I have lawyers all across the country available to me who charge me NOTHING and will even represent me for free through trial should anyone else try to sue me for ANY reason, and I dare say my out-of-pocket is less than $20 a month, I can pick up a phone and call a lawyer anytime and pick their brain and have them review things…even make calls and write things on my behalf.


    I love law, you all know this, but I dare say anyone who ventures before a judge MUST have an air-tight presentation ready, you must educate the judge and show them that they have no CHOICE but to grant you what you seek ??

    If you want me to help you find attorneys to talk to, it will be my pleasure. Pick up your phone and call me !!! 954 781-9300

    I am a true activist in groundbreaking Florida, land where I have a well worn path and forged untold landmines in the treacherous waters of uncertainty in this ever changing landscape of unpredictability, home to many, many skilled attorneys and properly educated judges, few as they may be.

    I’d love to hear your stories in person. If I can point you in a more effective direction, I will be glad to share what I’ve learned in the hopes you’ll join Ben and I, relieved of significant debt and secure in our ownership – but not after a grueling fight the other guys lost.

    I’m retired, anytime 9am to 9pm Eastern is fine to call 7 days a week.

    Remember, I started in the mortgage industry back in 1965, and am still licensed. This is NOT a solicitation of professional services on my part… I WANT TO SEE YOU WIN !!!

    • Teresa smith says:

      Are you nuts?? My lawyers made well over 100K. TRY locating a firm that will work pro bono! Then pushed into mediation as ‘evidence’ forged checks, manufactured statements, evidence of using my HELOC lone to launder over $600,000 yet my lawyer could not find evidence to support my claims. So i head into mediation. He drives to my house to coerce me into signing an agreement (significantly changed) that he was told i hd not had time to read yet. Two months after my mediated deal gets signed this freaking bozo withdraws as my lawyer. He has a conflict of interest. He went to work for banks law firm. Then recently i discovered the ‘mediator’ that the bnk picked and this bozo recommended WAS A PRINCIPLE in the BANKS LAW FIRM at the SAME TIME!

      Yep,we should all hire lawyers. Except the banks pay their law firm 1800 per HOUR or better. With 18 BILLION dollar budgets behind them. And they have retainers for all the really good White Collar Crimes Law Firms.

      No one did a damn thing. Fraud, forgeries, money laundering, manufacturing evidence. BLACK AND WHITE PROOF!


      Except they are so short sited this is tearing OUR country to shreds all in the interest of their greed.

      No UNDERWATER mortgage here. None of my payments were late! This bank slandered my credit and destroyed my small business. Every bit of it a manufctured fraud. Bank was worth $123 million in 2000. Yet through 9 years of the worse economy this nation has ever seen report to stockholders bank was worth $13 BILLION. Yeah from all those losses on foreclosures right????? Maybe it was those tax writeoffs they got on all those foreclosures???

      Just Maybe it was out and out FRAUD???

    • Marc Gerstein says:

      Wtf r u talking about!!!
      The facts r the facts…after the housing bubble the domino effect was devastating…fact
      Fraudulent loans were handed out since 2000..fact..
      Most middle class lifes n equity was their home…fact..
      This was a fraudulent depression not a great recession…fact
      Ocwen, nationstar, Rushmore, …etc were all created 4 the housing bubble n they r all llc’s n corruption at its best..
      Rushmore was llc’ed in 2008..
      To win u need big money because thats who caused this Madoff style scam..this scam cost the American people. Over 6 trill..n still rising
      Houses do not double in one year…they did in 05-06…fact
      Most do not have the money left to fight this..that is the game plan..
      The only shot at winning this is by some miracle that the honorable attornies (if there are any left)..donate their services…(I doubt that will ever happen as they r as guilty as the ceo’s)
      The people we r fighting have already been paid 4 these fraudelent loans..its called a bailout!!!
      Another way to fix this it will have to be law to split the companies n banks must be completely separate from one another n cannot transfer n. Take loans on notes..
      Go back to ur llc.

  2. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Congratulations for ‘staying in the hunt’ for justice, not just-us….bankers club. Like they say, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. When the criminalize us for being homeless….after stealing our homes…uhhh, ‘psss, hey God….this ‘anint right’. Please accept my prayers and best of luck….CHASE needs to be dropped like the criminal cartel they are…..go get ’em! trev

  3. Hammertime says:

    Kent yes post eviction but still in the fight. Here’s article in Vanity Fair Jamie Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret—Revealed
    A draft complaint documenting JPMorgan Chase’s alleged role in the financial crisis has long been a mystery. Until now.
    SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 2:54 PM
    Back in April author sounding pro WS but makes some sense although he may be seeing the light!

  4. Kent says:

    Hammertime you and I have been speaking on her for several years. Insight to DOJ files ?

  5. Hammertime says:

    Hey Kent you can pile on with DOJ files just released

  6. Kent says:

    I’m now in my second battle with Chase after 8 years. In the new admissions they agreed they didn’t own the note when they filed for foreclosure. Huh I give you one guess how this will turn out

  7. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Thank you Dave….your advice today, is as genuine, straight-forward and worth a try…as it was years agao…when we first ‘met’….Idaho…is so rotten that finding ONE HONEST / FAIR JUDGE who is not brainwashed by the LDS Faith….is a hunt for something rare….but do-able….and I need something to do….something productive.

    Perhaps I will be that John Doe….and after I put my rack to the dust…..after I join the Fall RUT of the Ages….I would be John Buck or John Bull. . of Johnny come lately….but better late than never. Christ turned the money changers’ tables…I would like to drop a couple banks to their knees…….like they di so many of their fellow Citizens….at the top…those CEO Slugs….are just people….they have to show up in Court….they have to put their pants on….one leg at a time…like the rest of us.

    I just may you up on this, the challenge…..and invite 999 others to party with me.
    Time waits for no one…even a traveller.

    Thank you DangeroooooseDave…you make it fun….you make seeing just how possible is…fun….your gift.-Trev

  8. dangeroosdave says:

    The problems are pro se litigants cannot pursue class action suits.-

    Instruction- Represent yourself as Class Member 0 and disclose to the judge that you know of other possible members. Make a motion that the judge assign a US Attorney as your litigation assistant to certify a CLASS and properly represent the interests of John Doe and Jane Roe #1-999. He has a Mortgage Fraud Task Force Working Group at his disposal.

    The judge will either grant your motion or deny it.

    If he denies it, this is an appealable error, probably one of many. You may appeal it immediately, or just save the item for your general appeal.

  9. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Hello Ms. Kellie:
    First off….no, I know nothing about GMAC but i can bet you silver dollars to donuts that the head criminal at this outfit is connected to the pyramid…he/she has too….and therefore I can get to him/her….think of it like this…..I am the lightening/grounding rod ON TOP of the 7 star lifestyle they are living….thieving from good peole like yourself. So, if the outside antenae want to ‘smack’ the tenant living in the penthouse….well….we are like neighbors…think of it like that….imagine if your cable wires could come into your house and choke you if those wires thought you were a bad ‘tenant of the Word’…mockingbird…..wit me?

    I am happy to hear you are in the mid/late stages of holding these bastards accountable….and if there is going to be a tidalshift, I would expect it to come from the Lone Star State…..y’all are independent….take no crap from illegal outfits….yet you still have chalenges with the bench-stench……I have the same issue here in Idaho…as my comments 2009-2017 will support.

    Here is what I can do……I can inject myself into the process…..and as the way things stand…I just did….these walls have eyes and ears. I CAN/WILL give a heads up the Magistrate….him/her….in essance I can ‘write a letter to the Judge’ respecting due process….by lending (circumstantial evidence to the claim of FRAUD and misuse of power)…..I would write this letter if you could help me with a name/Judge and address…..I have Senator Warren on stanbye and I think somewhere in D.C. is an ET who could have that Judge make certain you case is heard FAIRLY….without out political influence….I think the Clinton and Obama monsters had a fear grip on all Judges….500+ murders have been atributed to those lushes……so now that the original (real) Hillary is dead…..she is…..I suspect the fear level is greatly diminished…..(think W. of Oz, house on witch scene)…..the Judges can come out now……

    same for you… me….give me permission…soft…..and I will try to what I can without making anything worse………how could it get any worse…these FOOLS are making up the rules as they play the game……like calling a homerun a touchdown……giving themselves 6 points instead of 1……..yeah, email and I will try to head them off at the pass………old trick.

    no promises….but it could not hurt…and will likely wake them stars up……deep in the heart of teh-hAs.

    peace….and good luck.

    I guess maybe deep down, I want to see one person clean their clocks…or as they used to say in your parts…..’Hang em high at noon’…..’make an example of them’. I have pull, let me use it for the +.


  10. Kellie Rider says:

    Hello Mr. Trevor ,

    Do you have the connection for GMAC and all the evil that comes with these crooks. ? We have a law suit going on in Texas right now as my mortgage is the poster child for fraud, theft , deceit you name it it’s there. So now we get to fight criminals in black robes. Really pathetic anyway you slice it.

  11. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Hello bollivar4…
    I would like to help you….my way….but I guess I would like to know if I can? I have had luck getting into the heads of the CEOs who lead this theft…..and idk…i may have some clout as others around the world are getting the ‘little boy horus newshour update’…ww.

    Could you please email me permission…your name…any perhaps an account or reference number….my Family has had a Banking relationship with BoA since the 1960s…..and well…I am not too many standard deviations from the top of their House……

    I will be civil…I will be ‘nice’…but if I fight for you….their Ivory Tower will shake.

    I help to take down/out Met Life Home Loans…..but only recv’d $6k for my $300,000 in losses….it cost me more in nickles, dimes and quarters…to fight the 6 yr battle.

    I have a STRONG voice and presence on twitter….so if I can help…please let me know via email.

    I am the mercury drummer you see on the ’76 quarter….and the Spirit of the $2 bill.
    I would like nothing more than to see one person brought back to financial life….can you list in your email how much you think thier fraud cost you….not line items…just a ballpark round figure.

    I make them nervous on Wall Street and am in POTUS’s ear every hour……so mine is:

    if I hear back from you cool….if it is water under your bridge…I can respect that too.
    I am sorry for your pain….i have been thorugh the darkest too…..and it was not easy healing while your home was being stolen……..Boise has a lot of praying to do.

    let me know….and Godbless you for sharing your story.
    I am sorry America did this to you….to us all.
    Not the way GOD had intended it…..but then again….mabe THIS communication will lead to a silver lining….another one.

    pce / Trev

    • Trevor Hitchin says:

      not trying to be a hero…I just want to punch BoA for you…so hard it hurts them in pocketbook….so they pay you….so you have closue. There are 1000s of stories like ours….and we need to be renumerated/compensated for their white collar crimes.
      WE do have people on the inside…ready to help. WE do….10 yrs later…but WE do.
      Therefore you do too.

      I am with the underdog, always…the Good News Bears.

    • bollivar4 says:

      Thanks a bunch, Trevor, getting old is not a lot of fun. I have not been sleeping much at all for some time. I know what to do as I have always said, it is the simple things in life that sits right in front of our eyes that evades us. I have an order vacating the judgment of foreclosure based on motion to vacate the judgment of foreclosure. Relief sought: Dismiss the foreclosure case; Void the mortgage. The plaintiff never filed: Motion for Rehearing or notice of appeal all of which must be filed (30) days after the court’s order which would have been January 16, 2017. The court’s order is now “Law of the Case” as the court no longer retains jurisdiction. Next thing: file for a warranty deed based on my motion and the court’s order. The next thing I will half to deal with is the plaintiff refusing to sign the release of the mortgage. Motion to Show Cause Why the Plaintiff Should not be Held in Contempt of the Court. I believe will be in order.

      I have had a total of (five) break-ins to my house since March of 2011. All of which purpose was to steal my foreclosure defense documents. March 2011, May 1, 2014, March 23, 2015, May of 2016 and the last one December 3, 2017. I have witnesses. I know everything about the man who broke in except for his name. I can’t tell you the reason for the sheriff refusing to investigate on this site. My intel came from a DEA agent. I finally got enough money to pay for a good home security, well I should say, multiple home securities.

      I will half to finish getting all my documents together as I am still sifting through rooms of documents thrown everywhere. They alway leave my house in a mess.

      I did try to get in on a class action law suit against BoA, but my BoA mortgage number was not a valid mortgage number. Who would have think it? i will be in touch. Thanks a bunch.

    • bollivar4 says:

      Sorry I have not gotten back to you. The judge ordered me to hire a lawyer. A clear violation of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act failure to provide accommodations for me and during the last hearing, threatened me that if I couldn’t find a lawyer, he would sell my house. This was after he tried to find a lawyer for me and couldn’t. There are many lawyers in my rural area that have taken a test administered by Fannie Mae. The test is then sent to Fannie Mae and the lawyers are paid not to represent any defendants in foreclosure cases where the plaintiff is one of their many dirty, corrupt mortgage servicers. I posted this on AVVO’s website and got several reactions from law firms wanting more information.
      My Bank of America Loan # is 108738646. BoA after admitting all the illegal things done to me turned it over to Green Tree who is now Ditech. all currupt criminals. Thanks

  12. Distgusted1 says:


    I too reside in the screwed up Cook County. We lost a 5 year battle .Shell point wound up stealing our property last minute.

    Any ideas on suing the servicer aka debt collector in this state?

    My loan history shows the debt was paid off in 2011.

  13. bollivar4 says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Here is deceitful and fraudulent acts Bank of America did to me. In November, 2005 the same year I bought my home, BoA began embezzling money from my mortgage account as evidenced by my monthly payments were not applied to my account through December 30, 2010 for a total of 23 payments for close to $24,000 and charging me interest on this stolen money.
    I was unaware of this until 2014 when I received my mortgage payment history from Green Tree Servicing, LLC, another crook. I received a letter from BoA thanking me for allowing them to purchase my home equity line of credit, of which BoA needed my expressed, written agreement. Of course BoA never had my consent stating I should receive an IRS 1099C form. Then, again through correspondence from BoA, I noticed that the home equity balance was added to the interest charged on my mortgage account. Of course I never received an IRS 1099C form. After BoA increased my mortgage payments from $1080 to $2374 a month, on a 30 year, fixed rate loan, and BoA had been charging me interest on all the money they stole from me. After 30 disconnected phone calls to BoA, the rep told me, “that if I could not make the increased payments, they would not accept any more payments from me, and could foreclose on my anytime they wanted”, end quote. I have an email confirmation dated January 13, 2011 from BoA.

    BoA filed for foreclosure on me on June 7, 2011, the same day I fell ill to Lyme Disease. I was subsequently approved for disability from the Social Security Administration after starving for some time while the Lyme ravaged my body with arthritis and nerve damage. Before I became ill, I had been working two jobs supporting my daughter in medical school.

    Silver lining: My daughter was able to get a large grant to pay for her entire medical school which was $250,000.

    i will be back later. Be well.

  14. Trevor Hitchin says:

    Amen to that.
    As they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways…and yes…the last ten years have been hell on earth…hell indeed. Your adivce is welcoming….and since those who stole from us…those who abused their power….they will have to answer to GOD…as we enter the 1,000 years of ‘cleansing’.
    Now you that you mention it, losing my homes actually has brought closer to Spirit….and I have met the most beautiful people….in my stuggle…….and I would have never met them had I been comfortably home….a tripple edge sword. I literally found myself STANDING ON a blank note card….at the Boise City dump….seagulls over head…..being thrown out of my home….the card read “GOD will take care of you”.

    I still like my idea of ONE courageous Lawyer….taking on a multi-defendant class action…..for $ Billions…..but then again…Christ Himself asked for one…..just one good man or woman to stand….and even for him… one jumped at the chance.

    I see change coming…..lessons learned. I see fairness in our future…..the meek shall inherit the new earth…..the land we cannot see yet. The sea shelves rising…..

    Thank you….and IF there is ONE brave attorney….ONE firm willing to fight for all the marbles….please reach out.

    If Drug Cos. can do this……..if major Insurance Cos. can do this…SO.CAN.WE.


  15. bollivar4 says:

    Hi Trev, you are so correct. The problems are pro se litigants cannot sue for class action suits. That is the law in most states and federal courts. I have been where you are now and it was so bad, I get very upset just thinking about it.
    You must be a very good person. “Wherever good does, evil follows”, Master Ling Chi. Circa 1974. “The longest journey begins with the first step”.

    Being good will not get you where you want to be. First, I am not a blind faith follower. I believe what I see and hear. Me and others that were present has seen and heard the voice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on sever occasions. For most of us, even me it takes time to imagine such an all powerful being and to quiet your mind through meditation or any means you can use to connect to Him. It takes time and effort to abide by His teachings. Praying for your enemies is the hardest thing I have had to overcome, but it does work. You will be tested so be prepared.
    Good luck in finding a Christian minister that believes in God. They are few. The practice of Macrobiotics will help you rise to level you can’t imagine in your present state. Look for counselors in your area.

    I have to leave this post for now. God bless and be in touch.

  16. Trevor Hitchin says:

    hi all….still here…and yes…plenty of Bankster Scars to show for the abuse….2 homes…both in ADA COUNTY, IDAHO….Mayor’s Brother, the Judge did not even show to my Summary Hearing….where I lost… yeah, well travelled on this road of sloth.

    I have an idea….why can’t we just CLASS ACTION (People of United States v Met Life Bank, Wells Fargo…First American Home Mortgage….etc….et al) why can’t we just add our names to a list…..pull a MASSIVE number out of the air…say $10 Billion…and go to town….and make our way up the JUST-US tower…….I am not done fighting…..but I am done hitting my head against the wall…….

    How far from reality am I?

    I am at the top of the food chain….starving.

    I am if anyone wants to ‘chat’ 1:1 about this.
    Our Country looks pathetic after what was done to us all….writing from a Motel room…and I am lucky to have enough to be here……..lost $1m + to the Boise fraud…..I want my money…I want my slice of the Fairness Pie….I was tortured…I was left to die…they STOLE my homes and raped my finacee on Christmas…the Cops…the Boise Police did…gang raped her 2011….NOT one cop has been arrested yet. Boise = Hell on Earth…..and the ‘mormon morons’ at the helm say it is the #1 city in America. Maybe Amerikkka, but not America.

    Not the Country we have called home….me for 46 years.
    Never give up……ever.

  17. Hammertime says:

    You’re the 3rd or 4th World Savings case I’ve heard about in past couple of days. Seems like pattern I’ve been seeing where certain lenders are pushing through theft of homes at certain times. When a county or area is corrupt only option is to make corruption charges to higher ups. Other option were trying is making public and showing any loan is potentially fraud and anyone can be affected not just “deadbeats”. An apartment building, commercial properties, properties not in foreclosure would be powerful and hit them on public opinion side which is only thing politicians care about.

  18. Hammertime says:

    Bolivar4 nothing surprises me w this corruption abd fraud will b in touch

  19. Hammertime says:

    Broker Sharon we are at the next stage and most don’t realize it. With the Wells Fargo scandal and Chase investor revelations, recent cases in CA it’s more and more clear courts and judges are corrupted and our homes are stolen. We still must stay out of the court trap as long as possible but now is the time to come together and demand justice and due process.

    • Michael Medwit says:

      How do you fight when the judicial system is broken ( one-sided) especially in Lee county Florida. The judges are not following the he rule of law. We had 7 attorneys followed with corruption or incompetence. When asked to counter sue for fraud they would say what fraud. Had pick a pay world savings predatory loan, improper late charges when all payments paid on time. Have proof with receipts from post overnighting from post office. Forced placed insurance when had insurance and never lapsed, during mod they did not reduce interest for 3 months out of 12 (7.1 to 4.75% on 2,000,000 loan equates to almost $12,500 total overcharge, late charges of $16,000, forced placed insurance $4,700. This was a n induced foreclosure creased by design. The used a realtor to do drive by bpo on a 43 unit apartment building and swore to court property value of $1.3 mil without viewing financials and viewing 30 units remodeled (tiled thru out and 37 occupied out out of 43 units,)

  20. Hammertime says:

    Bolivar4 that’s an amazing story. Whst state are u in? Same extreme case group of us planning to publicize take group action on.

    • bollivar4 says:

      I live in the broke state of Illinois. I know a man that is a semi-retired DEA agent. He told me that disbarred lawyer, Al Williams, the former state prosecutor was selling heroin and cocaine. Al Williams heard he was being investigated for drug dealing, he began stealing money from all his clients including $100,000 from a 97 y.o. nursing home patient and $25,000 from another nursing home patient who was 95 years old. He is now in foreclosure. Karma. I would like to publicize my case. thanks.

      • Disgusted1 says:

        Same here Bollivar. You know of any LAw firm in Crook County that are willing to Sue Non Licensed Debt Collectors that steal properties here ? New Penn DBA Shellpoint. What a crooked State.

      • bollivar4 says:

        Disgusted1 There is a law firm in Chicago, website that take contingency cases. They are very good. Unfortunately, when my lawyer, Al Williams found out that they were considering filing a lawsuit for me, he called them and told lies on me so they declined representation.

  21. bollivar4 says:

    Countrywide began embezzling money from my mortgage payments and escrow account in October of 2005 not long after I bought the house. This fraud was continued by Bank of America through December 30, 2010 when BoA increased my payments from $1080/month to $2374/month on a 30 year, fixed rate loan. BoA rep told me if could not make the increased payments, they would not accept any more payments from me and could foreclosure on me anytime they wanted. (coercion). After my lawyer was disbarred for taking bribes from BoA to derail any defense to foreclosure his clients had, I had to take over. The judge was extremely biased, prejudice and discriminated against me (I am disabled, violation of Americans With Disabilities Act). I was very ill from Lyme Disease, but I kept fighting this corrupt judge until I wore him out. I finally got an order vacating his judgment of foreclosure with a stipulation that I must hire a lawyer to keep his order. The criminal servicers bought every bloodsucker in my area. I will bring this up at the next status hearing. I have other tools under my sleeve. I have lost a lot of weight and several teeth in this battle. I am more than ready to lose more body parts whatever it takes. Being a homeowner is not easy.

  22. TirelessDefendant says:

    Thanks for sharing this. All of us who are on the winning side should take our strongest arguments and share them (privately) with others who are still fighting. Time to tell the banks to stick to the original purpose for which we the people created them.

  23. Tom Heinrich says:

    We have two issues…One, who owns the house, and Two, who owns the mortgage

    Now, most people can’t take title to a house without obtaining a mortgage. and In order to GET a mortgage, you have to agree to 1) pay the mortgage off, and 2) keep the property repaired and in good shape PLUS pay the taxes and insurance to protect the owner of the mortgage, whoever that may be o you you fail to do any of those things.. YOU GIVE THE RIGHT TO FORCE A SALE OF THE PROPERTY TO PAY OFF THE MORTGAGE. If you keep your promises, you can sell or pretty much do whatever you want with it that isn’t illegal.

    That concept isn’t that difficult.

    But when someone DOESN’T keep their contractual promise, don’t think you can distract a judge with confusing them on who is entitled to force the sale…its pretty immaterial. Who is entitled to the proceeds really doesn’t involve you, that’s between others to fight over. If you or a court sells it, if it sells for more that what is owed will come to YOU, if it doesn’t cover what is owed, you could wind up no longer having title to the property…you MIGHT find yourself STILL OWING THE DIFFERENCE, hopefully that won’t happen.

    There are only TWO PEOPLE I know personally who actually wound up doing really well.

    One is a good friend of mine who WON his foreclosure case, and although the mortgage still is recorded against the property and ‘of record’, the company who tried to foreclose on them HAS TO PAY THEIR annual insurance AND real estate taxes, …..and he gets to stay in his gorgeous two story home right off the ocean without paying ANYTHING other than the utilities !!!.

    The other person is myself . I had both a first and a second ( a Line of Credit ), both of which were approximately identical in amounts still owing. My first promised to roll my low initial “teaser-rate” three year ARM into a fixed rate for the remaining 27 years at no cost to me, and after telling me not to make the January 2008, February 2008 or March 2008 payments or they would cancel their offer, and promised they were setting my next payment to be April 1, 2008 – the filed a foreclosure against me just prior to April 1, 2008..

    I sued everybody. The foreclosure case the first filed was ordered to be modified to a fixed rate, and the second, which then went to federal court, and with the help of the Justice Department, the bank was ordered to forego all interest and forgive the balance of $82,000 and pay $20,500 to cover the federal income tax on the canceled $82,000 debt, leaving me with about half of my property for free…half is better than none.

    Both my friend and I did extensive investigation and legal work.

    That’s what it is going to take YOU if you expect to defeat something and collect damages.
    to read
    Remember the law is CONSTANTLY changing and the whim of a judge can never be absolutely predicted….

    In Florida, where we both are, the Bartram decision basically said the SOL stands, but ANY default that hasn’t been past the SOL, the right to foreclose stands. HOWEVER, you need to carefully read the recent 4DCA opinion in Sandefur v RC.

    My friend used five different attorneys including two former deputy Florida Attorney General, to win his case, but because he won, his five figure attorneys fees were fully paid for by HEBC, who tried to foreclose on him.

    I did all my own legal work, but I have been in the mortgage industry since 1965 and read Appellate decisions for a hobby, and I was going against Wells Fargo and BofA who both have done so much wrong they made it easy for me…. but it was painstaking ( you can pull up my case in the Broward Case Search)…pay attention to the Order signed by the head judge Jack Tutor !!!
    (I was given the green light to separately sue Wells Fargo !!!)

    If you have ANY scoop of misconduct by Wells Fargo or their alias American Servicing Company (ASC) now moved around to under their Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, or HSBC or “ACE SECURITIES”, please let me know…we could very well be of help to each other

    Tom Heinrich

    • MB on the bubble says:


      Would you happen to know of any cases or individuals, including their attorneys, who have had any success against US Bank in attempted wrongful foreclosure actions. I am in a non judicial state in the 11th Circuit. I need any useful insight I can get at this critical juncture. I had/have a solid TILA rescission claim that the courts have conveniently bypassed.

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

      MB on the Bubble

    • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

      Payments could have been kept up easily for most people if the banks had not gambled away our economy. Read, “The Big Short” and “Fool’s Gold” and “All the Devils are Here” all available on audiobook to understand.

      • RE Broker (Sharon) says:

        also, “House of Cards” and “Too Big to Fail” as well of course of ” Chain of Title” all available on audiobook. Listen to it in the car.

  24. Kent says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath

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