Multiple Pledged Notes | Freddie Mac / Bank of America / Taylor Bean Whitaker – IMPORTANT INFO & STATEMENT REGARDING ASSIGNMENTS… TRANSFERS… NOTE OWNERSHIP…

“Indeed, it appears as though many loans and other mortgage-related assets have been double and even triple-pledged to various constituencies“ With all the MERS rhetoric going around today, and all of the other misinformation coming out of the Mortgage Bankers Assosiation Summit from yesterday, I felt this would be a good Blast from the Past … Read more

Naked Capitalism | US Trustee Sides With Borrowers in Foreclosures With Questionable Assignments, MERS

Naked Capitalism – US Trustee Sides With Borrowers in Foreclosures With Questionable Assignments, MERS As we’ve suggested, a not-well-recognized effect of the widespread publicity on robo-siging abuses and more recently, the widespread failure of securitization industry participants to adhere to their own agreements is more pushback in the courts. It takes a while for new … Read more

4closureFraud – A Full In Depth Report on Fraudulent Mortgage Assignments by Todd Ruger of the Herald Tribune

Excellent investigative reporting here… Now we’re talkin. Let’s keep this issue hot and forward this story to other media outlets and encourage them to do the same type of investigative journalism in their readership. Offer to help them, link the Foreclosure Fraud Guide on this site to assist them in their task. Once the masses … Read more

Kenton Kentucky Court Order – Foreclosure Complaints Must be Accompanied by Note and Recorded Mortgage with ALL Allonges, Endorsements, and Assignments

Kenton County’s order will have a wide ranging impact on mortgage servicing clients, including timelines relating to the filing of first legal action in Kenton County, with many other counties throughout the Commonwealth expected to follow suit. The order requires all foreclosure complaints in Kenton County to be accompanied by an affidavit certifying that the … Read more

NY Times Reports on GMAC, Foreclosure Fraud, Jeffrey Stephan, Fraudulant Affidavits and Assignments, and a National Moratorium on Foreclosures

Well, not yet… I hear that they are running a story on the whole foreclosure fiasco tomorrow that involves the events of today re GMAC.. As for the headline above, that is what I would lead off with, but hey, I’m just little ole’… Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they really … Read more

Happy Hour! Today Thursday 9/9 5:30pm Combating Illegal Foreclosures – Grading the Assignments

The Attorney General’s Economic Crimes Division is investigating whether improper documentation may have been created and filed with Florida courts to speed up foreclosure processes, potentially without the knowledge or consent of the homeowners involved.  Details here and here. Come join us at our next Happy Hour, an informal gathering where we can relax, socialize, … Read more

GROUNDBREAKING Report on Fraudulent & Forged Assignments of Mortgages & Deeds In U.S. Foreclosures

Friends and colleagues… Attached please find my updated report on assignment fraud and forgeries.  It dovetails my reports over the past decade as well as provides ammunition for all of you.  Enjoy, I dedicate it to all of you who have worked hard in battle and who inspire me! Nye Lavalle Pew Mortgage Institute … Read more

2009 Mortgage Assignments – Over a Trillion Dollars of Assets Transferred

COMMENTS  from Lynn Szymoniak re “Linda Green” Mortgage Assignments On June 29, 2010, Judge William C. Todd, III, entered a lengthy opinion in a NJ foreclosure action, Bank of New York as Trustee v. Michael J. Raftogianis, et al., Case No.F-7356-09, Superior Ct. of NJ, Atlantic County, in a case involving securitization, MERS and questionable mortgage assignments. … Read more