GMAC v Visicaro – Judge Rondolino – I really honestly don’t have any confidence that any of the documents the Courts are receiving on these mass foreclosures are valid…

Some excerpts from the beginning of the transcript… Be sure to read it in its entirety. It is an absolute must read… Gmac Mortgage LLC v Debbie Visicaro, et al. April 7, 2010 THE COURT: Okay, we are here today in GMAC v Visicaro. This is a motion for rehearing the previously drafted motion for … Read more

Beth Cerni – Robo-Signer – A Symbol of America’s Foreclosure Crisis

Below is a wonderful write up from Foreclosure If you have not signed up for this site as of yet, I suggest you do. It is free and it has a wonderful support community. You can set up your own page if you like, you can chat live with others from around the country, … Read more

Teaching Better Fraud Methods? – An Assignment or a Formalization or a Memorialzation?

From: Lynn Szymoniak The standard language in most of the mortgage assignments being signed by employees of Lender Processing Services (most recently, Kathy Smith, Joseph Kaminsky) has changed in one significant respect. The effective date of the transfer from grantor to grantee is now not stated as a specific date. Instead, we have the following: … Read more

NY Post – Florida Judge Reverses own Summary Judgement after GMAC Lawyer Could Only Manage a Ralph Kramden-like hamina-hamina-hamina

This story in the NY-POST is in regards to OVERRULED!!! Florida Judge Reverses His own Summary Judgment Order! Full transcript below… GMAC Mortgage got slammed by a Florida judge this month — and that may be good news for some of the 1,234 New York homeowners hit with a foreclosure action by GMAC since the beginning … Read more

WSJ Strikes Again – Judge Finds “Fraud” in Foreclosure Mess

Did I hear the words Mislead? Perjury? & FRAUD? Thank you again for pointing out these ISSUES! SIR! Judge Finds “Fraud” in Foreclosure Mess By Amir Efrati For three years we’ve chronicled the foreclosure madness taking place in our nation’s civil and bankruptcy courts. (Examples here, here and here.) Recently, the mess has attracted the … Read more

Another WSJ Smackdown! Florida Judges Bash Banks in Foreclosure Cases

Again straight from the blogosphere to the Wall Street Journal!!! Don’t forget to Join us for our Rally in Tally!!! Watch out Fraudsters, we are gaining some powerful allies in powerful places… Be sure to track the Comments in the WSJ Article as well…   Judge Bashes Bank in Foreclosure Case By AMIR EFRATI A … Read more

OVERRULED!!! Florida Judge Reverses His own Summary Judgment Order!

Another Great Contribution by Matthew Weidner. Search this blog and you will see that for months now I’ve been arguing that the “evidence” submitted by Plaintiffs in foreclosure cases does not even come close to meeting the legal and evidentiary requirements for courts to grant summary judgment. After performing extensive legal research to confirm this … Read more