Banksters: Are the Predators Becoming the Prey? The Whistleblower Reward Programs

Banksters: Predators becoming Prey? by Joel D. Hesch Thanks to the financial crisis, we have a new breed of racketeer: the bankster. Crossing the line beyond aggressive accounting and fraud, banksters use full-blown racketeering practices into the financial arena, where they prey on unsuspecting clients. In corporations and financial institutions where the only concern is … Read more

2BG2FAIL – Ultimate Banksters License Plate

Random Repost Blast from the Past. Going to start off each day with a random repost from the archives… Enjoy! PRICELESS (no pun intended) This banksters license plate says it all…

MSNBC Reports on the Bankster Con Job w/Dylan Ratigan

“We are getting closer to uncovering the greatest con in history. It involves our banks, our Federal Reserve, and of course, you and me” – (MSNBC) Well… It looks like the mainstream media is beginning to do its job. There is no Bankster Bailout, it’s a CON. “It’s the biggest bank robbery in history, and … Read more

Obtaining Due Process in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States

By George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, March 16, 2010—Things are starting to get really ugly out here on the front lines. The banksters latest tactic has them confirming in writing that the homeowner’s eligibility for a modification is being considered while secretly continuing to foreclose. The homeowner breathes a huge sigh of relief and waits….and waits….and … Read more

Consumer Anger Rising Fast: Chargebacks

From The Market Ticker (Karl Denninger) Anecdotal report thus far…. On the forum there is a report of a number of merchants dropping credit card processing entirely due to rampant (and bogus) chargebacks. Does anyone remember my Tickers on “Is The Government a Felon or a Cop” posts? Go read ’em again. One of the more … Read more

Bill Moyers: Wall Street Riding a ’Surging Ocean of Greed’

January 8, 2010 Banksters, bailouts and billions of dollars were at center stage in the most recent episode (Video) of Bill Moyers Journal in which the host interviewed two journalists, David Corn and Kevin Drum, to find out how things got so bad for Americans and so good for Wall Street and the country’s biggest … Read more

Move Your Money Project

Story From Move Your Money Website JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS, a few friends were having dinner wondering what personal actions they could take to help limit the power of the big banks and create a more sane, stable financial system. How, they wondered, could they help end the era of Too Big To Fail? The financier at … Read more

Happy New Year Banksters!

Only if… 4closureFraud