Interview with UK Banker Steven Green HSBC, The New World Order “Is Already Underway”

In a SPIEGEL interview, London banker and lay preacher Stephen Green, group chairman of HSBC, discusses the divide between his Christian faith and the pursuit of profit, the morality of being involved in the subprime mortgage business and whether he and his fellow bankers have learned anything from the financial crisis. SPIEGEL: Mr. Green, when … Read more

Judge Shack Slashes ‘Fat Cat’ Bank’s Bill for Subpoenaed Documents

Mark Fass New York Law Journal A Brooklyn judge has rejected a bank’s request for $9,112 in costs for producing subpoenaed documents, calling the claim an example of the excess and greed among “fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” JPMorgan Chase, a non-party in an action to confirm an arbitration award, sought 25 cents per … Read more

Bankster Lobbyists Launch ‘Call To Action’ To Crush Financial Reform

Bank Lobbyists Launch ‘Call To Action’ To Crush Financial Reform CEO Alert December 15, 2009 TO: Bank CEOs FROM: Art Johnson, ABA Chairman RE: Regulatory Reform – An Update and a Call to Action On December 7, I sent you a “Halftime Report” in which I said ABA thought the House would pass narrowly the … Read more

‘Whack a Bankster’ Game is a Hit!

The game is proving so popular that its inventor has to keep changing worn-out mallets. The BBC reports that inventor Tim Hunkin says the ”Whack A Banker” machine at his pier arcade in Southwold, Suffolk, is proving a great investment. Punters are promised a ”truly rewarding banking experience” and use a mallet to hit as … Read more