Bill Moyers Journal – William K. Black on Fraud

From Bill Moyers Journal William K. Black on Fraud:   April 23, 2010 On Thursday, April 22, President Barack Obama made the case for increased regulation of the financial industry in a televised speech at Cooper Union in New York City. It was widely billed as President Obama’s chance to harness the momentum behind reforming … Read more

Bill Moyers Journal with Gretchen Morgenson

  March 26, 2010 Even as the ink dries on health care reform, President Obama has turned his attention to another major legislative push — regulating the financial industry. Eighteen months after the most recent financial crisis, reform is finally moving as the Senate prepares to debate Senator Chris Dodd’s bill in the coming weeks. … Read more

Bill Moyers: Wall Street Riding a ’Surging Ocean of Greed’

January 8, 2010 Banksters, bailouts and billions of dollars were at center stage in the most recent episode (Video) of Bill Moyers Journal in which the host interviewed two journalists, David Corn and Kevin Drum, to find out how things got so bad for Americans and so good for Wall Street and the country’s biggest … Read more