Fox 4 News Investigates Lee County’s “Rocket Docket” Program

~Attorney Michael Chionopoulos~ “I was specifically told by one judge, counselor stop. I have 180 cases on my docket this morning. I’ve heard all the evidence I’m going hear. The defendant didn’t pay the mortgage, we’re done here” ~ And we all remember Lee County Clerk of Court Charlie Green from previous articles right? LEE … Read more

Lee County FL – Clerk of Court Charlie Green, “There Should be a Way to Foreclose Quickly Against Deadbeats Who are Destroying Neighborhoods”

LEE COUNTY CLERK: CHARLIE GREEN Executive Assistant: Laura Bennett P. O. Box 2469, Ft. Myers, FL 33902 or 1700 Monroe Street, Ft. Myers, FL 33901 Telephone (239) 533-5000 (main) Move is on for non-court Florida foreclosures A proposal by the Florida Bankers Association to allow foreclosures without a court hearing is arousing violent sentiments … Read more