KA-CHOW! David J. Stern et al. Criminal Contempt of Court – How will the Judge Rule?

Well well well… After a few weeks of hard work, sweat, tears, research and investigating, this project is finally done. I commend all the work that my friend and colleague Lisa Epstein, founder of ForeclosureHamlet.org has done to protect the people in this crisis on this project with the help of Legalprise, Inc. Below is … Read more

Looks Like Someone Submitted a FOIA Request to Palm Beach County RE Rocket Docket Scheduling

I bet this is going to be interesting… ~ 4closureFraud.org ~ PBC Clerk FOIA Foreclosure Rocket Docket Request

Ouch, Thats Gotta Sting – Motion for Disqualification of PBC Judge Meenu Sasser for a $425,063.50 Conflict of Interest Involving Billlions Upon Billions in Assets

Don’t know how I missed this one but Matt Weidner reports on the latest Motion for Disqualification of Circuit 15 Judge Meenu Sasser… Far and above the finest, most aggressive and most principled foreclosure lawyers in this state are the attorneys working at Ice Legal in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Next to the nationally respected … Read more

Palm Beach County Bar Association Professional Committee – Thank You For Listening!

Yesterday, May 18, 2010 Foreclosure Hamlet and 4closureFraud had a wonderful opportunity to have lunch with Palm Beach County Bar Association Professional Committee to discuss some of our concerns over what is happening in our courtrooms statewide. How did we earn such an honor? We simply asked… I am pleased to announce that the members … Read more

Palm Beach County Judge Sasser Overworked? Over 50,000 Pending Cases

Palm Beach Post Palm Beach County’s backlog of cases is at about 53,500, which is fewer cases than earlier this year Guess it has gotten to the point where it it has become difficult for Palm Beach County Judge Meenu Sasser to schedule hearings during the Court’s normal business hours… Where is the funding to get … Read more