Foreclosure Fraud Exposed!!! Foreclosures Bring Wealth, Rebukes for Florida Lawyer David J. Stern

Attention ALL Florida Judges: ~ With all that is know known, with all the frauds that have been presented, with all of the reports and with all of the current / pending high level investigations into these Foreclosure Mills, how can summary judgments be granted in ANY contested case at all? ~ I guarantee that … Read more

OUTRAGEOUS – Law Office of David J. Stern Files Fraudulent Foreclosure on Family Including Federal Tax Lien of Another Man with Different SSN

This comes in from Bill Warner WBI Inc. Private Detective Agency Excerpts from the post… I received a confidential report from a Florida Family that the Law Office of David J. Stern in Plantation Fl had mistakenly filed a Foreclosure on this family and for some unknown reason (to seek leverage) had included a Federal … Read more

Beth Cerni – Robo-Signer – A Symbol of America’s Foreclosure Crisis

Below is a wonderful write up from Foreclosure If you have not signed up for this site as of yet, I suggest you do. It is free and it has a wonderful support community. You can set up your own page if you like, you can chat live with others from around the country, … Read more

DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC. David J. Stern, DSJ, DAL, SEC Filing RE Supreme Court – DJS May Not be Successful in Complying With These New Rules

Hat tip to Matt Weidner on this one… Apparently David J. Stern’s operations are much more, shall we say, interesting than previously reported here, here and here… Going public may be the downfall of the entire Foreclosure Mill business model since everything you do has to be reported to the SEC. And, just recently it … Read more

KABOOM!!! David J. Stern DJSP Enterprises, Inc Under Investor Investigations for Violations of Federal Securities Laws

Sorry for the delayed report on this… I bet this investor group would LOVE to hear about the Foreclosure Frauds perpetrated by this organization… Kick Em While They’re Down Just like they do to the homeowners that they are fraudulently foreclosing on… PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 01, 2010 – An investigation on behalf of … Read more