FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 WWW.JUSTICE.GOV AT (202) 514-2007 TDD (202) 514-1888 NORTH CAROLINA REAL ESTATE SPECULATOR PLEADS GUILTY TO BID RIGGING IN REAL ESTATE FORECLOSURE AUCTIONS WASHINGTON — A Raleigh, N.C., real estate speculator pleaded guilty to conspiring to rig bids for public real estate foreclosure auctions held in multiple counties in … Read more

Banksters: Are the Predators Becoming the Prey? The Whistleblower Reward Programs

Banksters: Predators becoming Prey? by Joel D. Hesch Thanks to the financial crisis, we have a new breed of racketeer: the bankster. Crossing the line beyond aggressive accounting and fraud, banksters use full-blown racketeering practices into the financial arena, where they prey on unsuspecting clients. In corporations and financial institutions where the only concern is … Read more

Whoa – President Obama Visits

The Executive Office of the President (EOP) consists of the immediate staff of the President… First of all I want to thank everyone for a very successful gathering at the Florida Bar Event. Over the last few days we organized, networked and strategized with the best of the best in the “Foreclosure World” arena. We … Read more

Virtually All The Wall Street Banks Under Investigation – Defend Your Foreclosure!

Matthew Weidner with the commentary… The names of the Plaintiffs who are foreclosing on our neighbors across the county, by and large are not names that you recognize as your local banking or lending operations.  They are not, in most cases, the name of the lender that wrote the mortgage or lent the money.  The … Read more

Mortgage Bankers Association Mockery – INCOMING!!!! Mortgage Servicing Under Fire

Here is an interesting find… Now they are mocking Congress, Federal Regulators, State Attorneys General, and other Enforcement Officials… From the presentation… Check out the full presentation below… 4closureFraud INCOMING!!!! Mortgage Servicing Under Fire

U.S. Attorney General’s 5,000 DOJ Pending Indictments Targeting Financial Fraud, And National Security

Source: C. Austin Burrell Last week, in a speech given in West Palm Beach, Attorney General Holder announced 5,000 pending indictments by the Department of Justice of individuals linked to financial institution fraud as part of an overall targeting of market manipulators and cheaters across the board. His speech did not specify for the … Read more