Washington Mutual JPMorgan Chase FDIC Deal NOT Finalized? So how can JPMorgan Foreclose on WAMU Loans?

This is very intriguing… Check out the the excerpts from the report below… Game Changer? WaMu sale hasn’t closed, document suggests Next month will mark two years since federal regulators seized Washington Mutual and sold it to JPMorgan Chase for $1.9 billion. Now a document that appears to be from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation … Read more

An Open Letter to Sheila Bair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC RE Foreclosures

This one comes from J in CO over at The NATIONAL WAMU HOMEOWNERS SUPPORT GROUP AN OPEN LETTER TO SHEILA BAIR Posted by J in CO View J in CO’s blog This is my attempt to ask the Chair of the FDIC why they tout to be attentive to consumer protection and integrity and yet … Read more

Evaluation of Federal Regulatory Oversight of Washington Mutual Bank April 2010

Evaluation of Federal Regulatory Oversight of Washington Mutual Bank April 2010 [scribd id=31327478 key=key-1lj3lushkl0fbv2w93i4 mode=list]

Correspondence Between A.I.G., the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Securities and Exchange Commission Over How to Keep Elements of the Bailout from being Publicly Disclosed!!!

Timmy!!! Looks like you has some explaining to do… Reuters:  SEC mulled national security status for AIG details NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. securities regulators originally treated the New York Federal Reserve’s bid to keep secret many of the details of the American International Group bailout like a request to protect matters of national security, … Read more

FDIC Chief Got Bank of America Loans While Working On Its Rescue

Agency Grants Sheila Bair Retroactive Ethics Waiver on Mortgages By By Keith Epstein and David Heath Huffington Post Investigative Fund Sheila Bair, one of the chief regulators overseeing Bank of America’s federal rescue, took out two mortgages worth more than $1 million from the banking giant last summer during ongoing negotiations about the bank’s bailout … Read more

FDIC Demand Letter to Failed Bank – A Look into Banking Practices During the Bubble

Bank United FDIC demand letters usually remain confidential. The one below however, was filed in a bankruptcy court in November 2009. The Demand Letter, which was attached to a motion from the FDIC to PROSECUTE CLAIMS AGAINST OFFICERS, DIRECTORS AND PREPETITION PROFESSIONALS (see below), gives an insight on what the FDIC is doing to recoup their loses … Read more


“These cases encourage debtors and other parties to defensively use the mortgage securitization servicing system to prohibit servicers and other non-lending parties from enforcing rights under a mortgage. This trend, if it continues, may have significant impacts for consumer-debtor lawyers, as well as law firms that enforce mortgages and participated in mortgage loan securitization.” “A … Read more

This Judge “Gets It” Indymac Bank F.S.B. v Yano-Horoski

Indymac Bank F.S.B. v Yano-Horoski “Upon the Court’s own motion, it is ORDERED that the Adjustable Rate Note in the amount of $ 292,500.00 dated August 4, 2004 made by Diana J. Yano-Horoski in favor of IndyMac Bank F.S.B. shall be and the same is hereby cancelled, voided, avoided, nullified, set aside and is of … Read more