Open Letter to MERS, Freddie & Fannie Re: Abuses and Forgeries By MERS Officers in Mortgage Foreclosures

Can’t say you didn’t know, not that you don’t already… Lynn E. Szymoniak, Esq. The Metropolitan, PH 2-5 403 S. Sapodilla Avenue West Palm Beach, Florida  33401 ( Mr. Ed Albrigo Senior Vice President FREDDIE MAC 8200 Jones Branch Drive MS 200 McLean, Virginia  22102 Mr. R.K. Arnold, President and CEO Merscorp, Inc. 1595 Spring … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud the Florida Default Law Group and Erin Collins Cullaro from the Office of the Florida Attorney General

One of the avid readers of this blog alerted me to this very interesting development… Now, how brazen, or maybe just plain incompetent, is this? Notice of Filing of Affidavit of Reasonable Attorneys Fees Dated June 28, 2010 Nothing too strange there… Affidavit as to Reasonable Attorneys Fees Standard run of “the mill” language (HA, … Read more

In flood of foreclosures, growing challenges to lenders seizing homes they may not own

In flood of foreclosures, growing challenges to lenders seizing homes they may not own Wake up and good morning. More and more, allegations are cropping up that certain law firms may be fabricating or presenting false and misleading documents in Florida’s huge wave of home foreclosures. Last week, Florida Attorney General’s office said it has … Read more

More Investigations over use of Fabricated Foreclosure Documents

By Denise Richardson on April 29, 2010 4:24 PM | 2 Comments Today the Florida Attorney General Economics Crime Division announced it launched an Official Investigation into the practices of the Florida Default Law Group and Docx, LLC a/k/a Lender Processing Services. The investigation is over allegations of: “…fabricating and/or presenting false and misleading documents … Read more

Attorney General Investigating Tampa Foreclosure Firm

Florida Default Law Group, a huge foreclosure law firm has angered judges with its practices. By MICHAEL SASSO | The Tampa Tribune Published: April 30, 2010 TAMPA – The Florida Attorney General’s Office is investigating a Tampa-based foreclosure law firm that has become one of the state’s largest foreclosure mills. On the agency’s Web site, the … Read more

Chief Judge About Florida AG Investigation- “I would be very skeptical they’re the only ones, our anecdotal experience are it’s pretty widespread.”

Matt Weidner on the Sarasota Herald Tribune article… That quote is taken directly from a Sarasota Herald Tribune article and it quotes the Chief Judge of the Manatee/Sarasota Circuit. That honorable judge, long a champion in the fight to restore the ethics and integrity of the judicial process in his circuit, is stating an obvious and … Read more

Paperwork Puts Foreclosure Firm in Hot Seat

Group suspected of falsifying records to retake homes By Todd Ruger   Published: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 1:00 a.m. Last Modified: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 12:21 a.m.   The Florida Attorney General’s office is investigating whether one of the state’s largest foreclosure firms is using fabricated or misleading documents to retake properties. The … Read more

WSJ – Florida Probing Law Firm in Foreclosures

From the Foreclosure Fraud Blogosphere here, here, here, and here, to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog to the front page of the WSJ Legal News. Subscription Required… Florida Probing Law Firm in Foreclosures BY AMIR EFRATI The Florida attorney general’s office is investigating possible misconduct by a large law firm that files foreclosures for … Read more