More and Better Predatory Loan Servicing Fraud

Commentary by George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, August 17, 2010—As the vast majority of applicants for loan modification have learned, HAMP, the Home Affordable Modification Program, is little more than a thinly disguised mechanism through which to conclude the foreclosure process on behalf of financial intermediaries who never loaned a dime and never lost a dime … Read more

MERS – Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. – Update

Commentary by George W. Mantor Excerpts from the report… MERS was back in the news again last week with the announcement that they were making additional information on the MERS “secret” system available to mortgagors. That’s according to a press release issued by the Reston, VA-based data bank late last Friday afternoon to make sure … Read more

Obtaining Due Process in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States

By George W. Mantor RISMEDIA, March 16, 2010—Things are starting to get really ugly out here on the front lines. The banksters latest tactic has them confirming in writing that the homeowner’s eligibility for a modification is being considered while secretly continuing to foreclose. The homeowner breathes a huge sigh of relief and waits….and waits….and … Read more

In Search of Our Lost Prosperity

Here is another amazing article written by George Mantor. RISMEDIA, January 12, 2010—Regular readers of my column know that I have been searching for America’s lost prosperity for the last few months, and the ongoing revelations and discoveries have provided ample material for my writing. What I have discovered is easily the largest financial story … Read more