Smith Hiat & Diaz, HSBC v Defreitas – The $49,000 Contempt of Court Order on Foreclosure Mill

This just in from Matthew Weidner… THE $49,000 ORDER IMPOSING SANCTION ON FORECLOSURE MILL I cannot count the number of times I’ve shown up for hearings only to have the foreclosure mill either cancel the hearing or just not show up.  Often times they fail to notice me at all, but I’ve addressed most of … Read more

Smith Hiat & Diaz – Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct

Wait till you all see this transcript… One of our colleagues actually hired a court reporter for this hearing… As soon as we get it we will put it up… But for now, this comes in from the Herald Tribune… Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct By Todd Ruger Excerpts from the report… … Read more

Chief Judge About Florida AG Investigation- “I would be very skeptical they’re the only ones, our anecdotal experience are it’s pretty widespread.”

Matt Weidner on the Sarasota Herald Tribune article… That quote is taken directly from a Sarasota Herald Tribune article and it quotes the Chief Judge of the Manatee/Sarasota Circuit. That honorable judge, long a champion in the fight to restore the ethics and integrity of the judicial process in his circuit, is stating an obvious and … Read more