Explaining the Housing Bubble – A Georgetown University Law Center Paper

Explaining the Housing Bubble Adam J. Levitin Georgetown University Law Center Susan M. Wachter University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School – Real Estate Department August 31, 2010 Georgetown Law and Economics Research Paper No. 1669401 Georgetown Public Law Research Paper No. 1669401 U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper Forthcoming Abstract: … Read more

Fannie Mae Report – Facing Strategic Crossroads June 27, 2005

Here is an interesting little gem… Fannie Mae Report – Facing Strategic Crossroads [scribd id=32832211 key=key-26ab62jd4aays2dh14k mode=list] ~ 4closureFraud.org

Crack Shack or Mansion You Decide…

I thought the housing bubble in America was bad… The original Crack Shack or Mansion game. The game features real Vancouver real estate listings, as of April 10th, 2010. Can you tell the difference between a crack shack and a Vancouver, BC mansion, listed for one or two million dollars? Find out! Click on the … Read more

Regulators and Industry Insiders KNEW We Were in a Housing Bubble

from Washington’s Blog Greenspan and many other bankers, regulators and industry insiders say that “no one could have known” that we were in a housing bubble. For example, Greenspan: Stood by his conviction that little could be done to identify a bubble before it burst, much less to pop it. And he claimed that: We … Read more