Promiscuous Girl Beth Cottrell – Looks like She had Multiple Partners (Banks)

Promiscuous How’s this for a BOMBSHELL!!! And I am not talking about the picture above. My good friend over at Leagleprise, Inc has these awesome servers that can pull all kinds of data from the court systems here in Florida. What he put together a couple of days ago is a mind blowing piece of … Read more

3rd DCA Reverses its Opinion RE RUSCALLEDA v. HSBC BANK USA Involving a Rather Confusing Situation Caused by Two Banks Simultaneously Attempting to Foreclose the Same Mortgage

Only in Foreclosure World… Third District Court of Appeal State of Florida, July Term, A.D. 2010 Opinion filed September 15, 2010. ________________ No. 3D09-997 Lower Tribunal No. 08-62415 ________________ Glazy Ruscalleda and Jose Ruscalleda, Appellants, vs. HSBC Bank USA, etc., Appellee. John H. Ruiz and Karen Barnet-Backer, for appellants. Shapiro & Fishman and Heidi J. … Read more

Smith Hiat & Diaz, HSBC v Defreitas – The $49,000 Contempt of Court Order on Foreclosure Mill

This just in from Matthew Weidner… THE $49,000 ORDER IMPOSING SANCTION ON FORECLOSURE MILL I cannot count the number of times I’ve shown up for hearings only to have the foreclosure mill either cancel the hearing or just not show up.  Often times they fail to notice me at all, but I’ve addressed most of … Read more

Smith Hiat & Diaz – Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct

Wait till you all see this transcript… One of our colleagues actually hired a court reporter for this hearing… As soon as we get it we will put it up… But for now, this comes in from the Herald Tribune… Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct By Todd Ruger Excerpts from the report… … Read more

OUCH! Judge Dunnigan Just Fined Smith Hiatt & Diaz $49,000 to be paid in 4 days and if not then add $7,000 per day

Remember that pesky little Order to Show Cause from last week? LINK – Smith Hiatt Diaz and HSBC – Order to Show Cause Why Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Attorneys Should Not be Held in Contempt and Sanctioned For failure to appear again and again and again and again and again… Well, word on the street is the … Read more

CLASS ACTION AMENDED against MERSCORP to include Shareholders, DJSP

Via StopForeclosureFraud Kenneth Eric Trent, P.A. of Broward County has amended the Class Action complaint Figueroa v. MERSCORP, Inc. et al filed on July 26, 2010 in the Southern District of Florida. Included in the amended complaint is MERS shareholders HSBC, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Company, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, WAMU, … Read more