Banksters: Are the Predators Becoming the Prey? The Whistleblower Reward Programs

Banksters: Predators becoming Prey? by Joel D. Hesch Thanks to the financial crisis, we have a new breed of racketeer: the bankster. Crossing the line beyond aggressive accounting and fraud, banksters use full-blown racketeering practices into the financial arena, where they prey on unsuspecting clients. In corporations and financial institutions where the only concern is … Read more

IRS Form 938 – I Have No Idea If This Is Important But It Sure is Curious

From Matthew Weidner Sometimes this all becomes a bit too overwhelming, trying to unravel this whole foreclosure cataclysm.  This is so far beyond the simple situation where a borrower borrows money from a bank and doesn’t pay….that bank is clearly entitled to their money back. I’m a fairly bright guy with a good education and … Read more

Well Mr. Big Brother IRS man… take my pound of flesh and sleep well

This Is How It Begins (Wanton Violence) from The Market Ticker by Karl Denninger This is not the sort of thing you want to report on. But I need to, because what looked like an accident originally – a horrible accident, with a plane on approach that had some sort of mechanical problem – now … Read more