Foreclosure Fraud Exposed!!! Foreclosures Bring Wealth, Rebukes for Florida Lawyer David J. Stern

Attention ALL Florida Judges: ~ With all that is know known, with all the frauds that have been presented, with all of the reports and with all of the current / pending high level investigations into these Foreclosure Mills, how can summary judgments be granted in ANY contested case at all? ~ I guarantee that … Read more

WSJ Strikes Again – Judge Finds “Fraud” in Foreclosure Mess

Did I hear the words Mislead? Perjury? & FRAUD? Thank you again for pointing out these ISSUES! SIR! Judge Finds “Fraud” in Foreclosure Mess By Amir Efrati For three years we’ve chronicled the foreclosure madness taking place in our nation’s civil and bankruptcy courts. (Examples here, here and here.) Recently, the mess has attracted the … Read more

Another WSJ Smackdown! Florida Judges Bash Banks in Foreclosure Cases

Again straight from the blogosphere to the Wall Street Journal!!! Don’t forget to Join us for our Rally in Tally!!! Watch out Fraudsters, we are gaining some powerful allies in powerful places… Be sure to track the Comments in the WSJ Article as well…   Judge Bashes Bank in Foreclosure Case By AMIR EFRATI A … Read more