Clogged Foreclosure Pipeline May Lead to DJSP Layoffs

The clogged foreclosure pipeline is delaying new foreclosure filings, and Florida-based processing services firm DJSP Enterprises said it’s considering layoffs to deal with the decreased business. DJSP Enterprises’ main client is The Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A. (DJSPA). In the DJSP Enterprises second quarter 2010 and mid-year earnings report released this week, the … Read more

Press Release of Conference Call – David J. Stern, DJSP Enterprises, Inc. Reports Financial Fraud Results for Second Quarter

This just in from their earnings report: “Deed-in-lieu and Mediation services were initiated in the second quarter and contributed a combined $0.7 million to our revenues during the quarter. Revenue from foreclosure services decreased by $1.5 million, or 8.3%, for the quarter to $16.6 million, compared to $18.1 million during the same period last year.” … Read more

Did David J. Stern DJSP Disclose that 1/3 Owner Kerry S. Propper was the Subject of DOJ Investigation and SBA Law Suit

As you all know, David J. Stern, Foreclosure King, is under investigation for securities fraud. STAN COOPER and NEERAJ METHI, Individually and On Behalf of All Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs, v. DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC; DAVID J. STERN; and KUMAR GURSAHANEY COMPLAINT FOR VIOLATIONS OF THE FEDERAL SECURITIES LAWS Case 0:10-cv-61261-WJZ He has also recently been … Read more