Promissory Fraud – Consider Using if You had a Predatory Lender?

From: 83jjmack Let’s not forget about promissory fraud. Homeowners were promised many things during the loan origination process that never materialized. Promissory fraud permits the recovery of punitive damages and allows for the avoidance of procedural bars such as Statute of Frauds and parol evidence rule. Promissory fraud can also give rise to criminal liability. … Read more


From The Livinglies’s Weblog ~ “Trust me, I’m your friend.” “Hi! I want to be your Lender” (pretender lender) “I’ve got a great deal for you” “Here is the name of the underwriter of your loan.” “Here is the appraisal — it came in higher than your deal.” “You can rely on the appraisal” “It’s … Read more

M & T Bank v. Lisa D. Smith, et al. A Case of Special Interest to Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyers by Lynn E. Szymoniak

M & T BANK – A CASES OF SPECIAL INTEREST  TO FLORIDA FORECLOSURE DEFENSE LAWYERS BY LYNN E. SZYMONIAK, ESQ., ED., FRAUD DIGEST JUNE 13, 2010 M & T Bank v. Lisa D. Smith, et al., St. Johns County, FL, Case No. CA09-0418 June 10, 2010 Order  Granting  Defendant’s  Motion  to  Dismiss  Second  Amended Complaint … Read more

BAM POW WHACK WHAM WOW Florida Judge Michael Traynor Absolutly Nails It! How to Adjudicate EVERY Foreclosure Action in Florida

Why? Because this is EXACTLY how ALL Foreclosures are all processed by the Plaintiffs and their Minions. LIES! FABRICATIONS! FORGERIES! FRAUD ON THE COURT! Whatever it takes, whatever is needed, no matter the cost, no matter the laws, get that property now! Read this order, email it to EVERYONE you know, print it out, paper … Read more