BUYER BEWARE! The Foreclosure StormTroopers ARE Coming To Break Down YOUR Door!

No joke, above or below… And it does not matter if you are facing foreclosure or not! This type of thing is getting way out of hand as I have Link – reported on many many times. Actually, it is a lot worse than can be imagined because most “incidents” go unreported. Again, as I … Read more

The Motion Everyone Should Read – Defendant’s Request for Taking Judicial Notice/Objection to Plaintiff’s Motion For Summary Judgment

DEFENDANT’S REQUEST FOR TAKING JUDICIAL NOTICE/OBJECTION TO PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT/ MOTION TO ABATE FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS ~ If you were a judge, would you feel comfortable granting judgments that throw your neighbor into the street when that judgment benefits parties you cannot identify and the documents used to support that judgment are questioned by … Read more

Foreclosure Fraud Exposed!!! Foreclosures Bring Wealth, Rebukes for Florida Lawyer David J. Stern

Attention ALL Florida Judges: ~ With all that is know known, with all the frauds that have been presented, with all of the reports and with all of the current / pending high level investigations into these Foreclosure Mills, how can summary judgments be granted in ANY contested case at all? ~ I guarantee that … Read more

Oral Arguments Video 5th DCA Hearing Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust

Click the video button to watch the archive of the oral arguments RE Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust [scribd id=34373627 key=key-f8dmh1ytgyllnr7zv11 mode=list]

Update 5th DCA Hearing Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust

Well if you were following this case and tried to view it this morning you would of missed it. The site got hammered and they couldn’t get the stream up and were flooded with calls. Amazing how this internet thing works about getting the word out. They had no idea that this was a “High … Read more

Florida’s Foreclosure Crisis and the 5th DCA – Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust – Watch History in the Making

Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal Gregory Taylor v Deutsche Bank National Trust From Weidner’s Blog… Tomorrow’s Oral Arguments before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, beginning at 9:00 a.m. is one of the most important appellate foreclosure cases to be argued in a very long time. Along with Verizzo, BAC Funding, Frost and Regions, … Read more

Foreclosure Case Killer – A Compendium of Capacity Cases by Matthew Weidner

Wow… Matt Weidner just put up his Compendium of Capacity Cases document for all to see. The efforts put into this document are amazing. Take the time to read and understand these issues and us it in your arsenal. Thank you FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK Matt! Excerpts from his blog… The systematic failure … Read more

A Call to Arms – War Room, Bar Fight, Strategic Defense Unit

It’s that time again folks. We are planning our next “Rally” in Florida. Last time, when we stormed the Capitol we organized the maneuver in four days. This time, we have been making our tactical advances with some lead time enabling strategic engineering of the mission and aiming for more exposure and a higher profile. … Read more